Motto: ‘The chasmal wounds/On my heart’s membrane/Are infected with sadness./The only efficient antidote/Is stored/In your agape palms.’ (‘Infection’, from ’11:11’ volume of poetry, by Tamara Solomon.)

‘Love is paradoxical. We all know (hopefully!) that healing is initiated inside. That’s where it should start, even if you presumably have other people’s support.

But isn’t it interesting that in a soul-connection, along with the wounding, comes the healing? And that is a sign you are experimenting a soul-connection. Both wounding and healing happen-both ways. Otherwise, it’s just a toxic interaction, or a soul-bond.

You should be grateful for both. But choosing to go higher shows in essence that you’ve learnt your lessons. And that’s why we’re here. Not just to repeat the same old experiences, but to learn the lessons, and to create new experiences.

Love is not what you feel. Love is what you do with what you feel. Life is not breathing. Love is what you learn and experience while you’re breathing. It’s all about soul-expansion.’

By Tamara Solomon


Awakening to Fire

‘I do not know if the path that I am taking is correct or not, but I am just embracing the present moment. Not choosing, not getting involved in anything, living in a cave, by fear of making a mistake, is worse than not living at all. What do I choose? My own healing, first, and after that, the healing of the entire humanity. You cannot heal yourself or others but in the now moment.’ (‘Awakening to Fire’, Tamara Solomon)

Awakening to Fire

‘Awakening to Fire’ Excerpt

‘I have to keep in mind that everything will be perfect, in the end! Eventually, all the problems will succumb, and I will find peace! How will I maintain my peace then, if I don’t practise it, now, in the midst of it all? It is essential to find it, now, and not be manipulated by people, circumstances, or sombre emotions!’

by Tamara G. Solomon

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Awakening to Fire

Protruding hopes

I’d like to pretend

That I’m not excited

About your presence

In my life.

But the truth is you’re my

Inner healer.

My soul’s friend.

My heart’s lover.

My rainbow-heaven:

A divine ecstasy.

These protruding, bruised hopes

Can’t be silenced.


Poem by Tamara Solomon

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Before Worlds Were Formed

Meeting you was

Inscribed in the wise-stars

Reigning peacefully above

All beings!

How I feel you growing in me

Is unique.

You’re deeply sown in

My heart’s velvety atria.

Come forth!

Being birthed from

A melange of ecstasy and agony.

Is love.

You’re not my soul-mate.

You’re my soul!

My divine blueprint

Contained your spirit’s-DNA

Before the worlds were even formed!

The Star Guiding Off-Tracks

The star guiding you

towards your inner rebirth

is buried deeply inside,

beneath the sickening clutter of things-to-do.

To see it, first, you must have your eye trained.

To observe the piercing truth.

To touch the fragile thread.

To embrace what you can’t comprehend.

The Star-of-You is here

Illuminating the dark worlds.

Don’t let the cold of a season

To silence your spark.

You’re the guiding-star!

They bow down to you,

as you are an extension of the Queen.

Or King.

Awakening to Fire

“Unconditional love isn’t the obsession with a certain person. It’s not the emotional, earthly attachment to a human vessel. It’s the attitude of the heart that gives you the strength to hold everybody in your space: to treat them with respect and compassion; to give them permission to follow their own path, and the intrinsic liberty of your own happiness.”

Awakening to Fire

Awakening to Fire

‘The Law kills The Love and The Love kills The Law. What kind of beings should we be in order to love unconditionally? Only the divinity in us can love in this mighty way, and when we actually manifest that kind of love, then our humanity has been swallowed by our divinity, by our eternity.

I remember a conversation with one of my former friends, and I was telling her that love means sacrifice; love means to give something unconditionally; and I recall her responding to me that this is stupidity, not love. This is the level of “humanity” that we have achieved.’

Awakening to Fire

The Bruised Lines

The bruised lines

In the palm of my spirit

Show a violent healing:

A bleeding cornucopia

of wounded forgiveness, burning compassion, and refreshing truth.

A tired, purple eye.

But a saved one.

Is watching me from behind the black-red curtains

of my personal history.

My fiery transformation.

One moment: an earth maggot.

One moment: a majestic butterfly.

I owe my becoming to the abyssal pain.

To the abandonment.

To the betrayal.

To the misunderstandings.

To the Judas.

Without them, my wings would’ve been too short.

Now, I bleed.

Now, I open my wings.

Now, I fly high.

Now, I heal.