Chase Your Dreams 

Today, I have read about a little girl who has terminal cancer. Her parents made a list with the things that she wants to experience, and one of those dreams was to marry her best friend, of six years old. So, her parents organised a ‘wedding’, in which she and her best friend promised to be ‘best friends forever.’ She looked amazing in her pink dress, with a white veil covering her hairless head. She was beautiful!
It made me cry a bit. It made me think. Yes, of course, she is very young, and maybe she does not realize fully what is happening to her, or what will happen to her in the end. But her attitude of gratitude is what makes her life significant! And just to think of her parents – what did they feel, during that ceremony? Maybe they were proud of their daughter, but I am sure they were sad, also. What gave them the strength to do the best they can, instead of being depressed and bitter? Maybe the imminent possibility of death awakens you, making you to understand how precious this life is. Just the way it is!
But you, dear Reader, what stops you from living your life to the fullest? Do you really cherish the gift of existence? Or, on the contrary, you waste your life on doing meaningless things? I invite you to meditate upon this hour! Don’t take it for granted!

Awakening to Fire

I do not know how much I will resist if this keeps on going. I need peace and tranquility and healing, but healing is so hard to attain and to maintain! There are so many layers of wounding, and they seem to never end! Everything that we experience is just a manifestation of our inner world. That is what we should change – the inner world, the Soul! We must learn our lessons, and we must progress!

I know that even in the pit of desperation, there is hope. If nobody else loves you, God loves you, and you must also love yourself! God can heal any wound, any kind of loss, and everything that was against us can actually work for our good! You must believe in your healing, before it can be manifested in outward reality! Healing is not hard, believing is…”

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Awakening to Fire

The Bird with Two Faces

One – is the Thorn-Bird. When she feels her death coming, she throws herself into the sharpest thorn, and she produces a music that overrides everything else, in existence! Into her life, beauty and pain are intimately intertwined. She becomes a symbol of sacrifice. She is the Soul who burns itself on the pyre of compassion and love.

The Other – is the Phoenix. When you would think that she is finished, she revives from the ugly, grey, and gloomy ashes. Her brand is the Fire that she has overcome – the pain that has been transfigured by the power of the Spirit! The victory of the strong! More wise, more powerful, more beautiful!

See, the Soul is this bird with two faces. You cannot separate the Thorn-Bird from the Phoenix, as they are the two different stages of the same being! You cannot have the Phoenix without the death! So, please, remember that all this pain that you are experiencing, right now, is only the substance from which both these birds feed. Still, the heart possessed the capacity of metamorphosis. It is not a death, nor a resurrection; it is a death and a resurrection. It is a cycle of becoming!

-If you are awake, you do not negate either one: you are the Bird-With-Two-Faces!

The Tragedy of Disconnectedness

As humans – we need love, playfulness, and interaction. But this era draws us apart from each other, more and more. Technology was meant to sustain us, and to make our lives easier, but if we analyse the effects of it, we will see its dark side, also: alienation. We are so linked to the Internet, and computers, and virtual world that we feel less the need of others, the need of a powerful qualitative intercommunication. Escapism has become a way of living, but a dangerous one.

We need our personal space and meditation time, but, still, we are not made for loneliness. We need other people; and other people need us. In order to stay human, we must stay united, as only by sharing and receiving love – we can maintain our humanity. Being human is not about having two legs and two arms, but about the level of consciousness, creativity, passion, and compassion that we experience and manifest. We are not hole puppets. We are made for love. And love needs an object that would reflect that back. That is why humans live in societies. That is why humans form families. That is why humans need soul-intimacy.

This concept is so powerful that it requires our full attention. Because every day you are growing towards something. And the question is: “Are you growing towards oneness, love, positive vibes, or, on the contrary, towards segregation, dissension, alienation?” This becoming involves your final outcome: if your life was worth living, or not. You need to do something, in order to honour existence; it is not sufficient to just survive! Who are you, now? What are you becoming?

Awakening to Fire

“I am changing so much! My confidence and my peace are growing, which is essential for my healing! I forgive everybody. Unforgiveness makes no sense, in a larger frame. They do you good the ones that love you, and they do you good the ones that leave you. Especially the latter ones. Them leaving is the ultimate gesture of kindness. If they would stay, they would ruin your destiny! How could I be anything else but grateful, for both of them? (…) I miss everybody that I have ever loved! I know that even if some of them are lost forever they will always be with me, trapped in the person that I have become!”

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Awakening to Fire

“If the Universe has brought your twin to you, be thankful. If the Universe has taken away your twin from you, be thankful. There is no other way out of the psychological hell produced by the loss of your significant other, may he or she be your twin, or a soulmate, or just a loved one. Stop resisting the Universe, and you will find healing. If you live in the past, or in the future, you will never reach healing! You have to stay in the <<now>> moment, only in the now, and to spread love, unconditionally, to all human beings, without discrimination, because that was what we were sent here to do. Even if you physically lose your twin, the love will always be with you; the energy will come to you – there is no escape from that. You can share it with other people, but it is still the energy of the union.”

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Awakening to Fire

The Leader Suffers the Most

I.   To be powerful is to be amazing.

     The crucial existential aspect is to stay alive.

     As only the survivors can shift the ashes of what remained.

II.   So, if you are a survivor,

      Do not take it lightly;

      Do not take it for granted.

      You are the blood-moistened ground

      From which change springs up.


III.   Winners can lose.

        And losers can win.

        But survivors earned the right to spread their Inner Light.

IV.   –If you did not face the hellish Night,

       What right do you have to illumine others?

V.   –Only the raw spear and the violent cross can build you up.

      The leader always suffers the most!


Awakening to Fire

‘I am conscious that I am falling unconscious. I had a spark today, and I felt shot in the chest. An immense swirling pain took over me. Dizziness and bitterness. We are both entering into darkness once more – and it is so sad! I do not know if I will be able to fight against it! I felt the voice of The Higher Self, leading me. <<Tamara, you have started to step into the darkness, and, please, remember that I am with you always, and, please, do not let go of My hand! This is too much for you; this is too much for everybody, but there is a way out of this infernal, dangerous spot – trust in Me, and stand still! I have trained you for this, beforehand! Do you remember? You have been through this in the past, and now you have the tools to navigate! Just listen to My Voice! Don’t hurry into choosing something, even if it seems good; just stand still; and let me do all the work! Go after the Voice!>>’

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Awakening to Fire

The Pen – to Write Your Life With

I.   It is a magical rainbow-pen,

     that enables you to shift the shade –

     each instant of your fragile life!

II.   Although you have this thrilling freedom,

       one day you will understand that

       you want ALL of them.

III.   The green of dreams

        goes well with the yellow of focus.

        And the red of passion

        magnificently pairs with the black of sobriety.

IV.   With the same dull Instrument,

        one can draw a sunny landscape,

        or a gloomy autumn day.

V.   The interesting pen is always the same.

      It is the mind and hand of the Creator

      that make things differently.

VI.   -Don’t complain about today’s drawings,

        even if they are not-perfect.

        The Masterpiece has not ended.

VII.   Tomorrow is a brand new day!

Awakening to Fire

“We are not different! We are one, in both our humanity and in our divinity! We share the same amount of pain. We are born into this world, and we have a divine purpose to accomplish. Our lives are precious; we must never give up the fight; it is not for the victory in itself, but in order to honour our divine essence, and be an example to others. To share compassion – with all!

We do not know what will happen! Some aspects of the journey are hidden. We would not grow otherwise! What you all can do is stay in the now moment, and share love with all humanity! There is no higher truth, but just to love one another! To quit our humanity, more and more, daily, and to expand our souls! To be grateful for every experience and, ultimately, to be proud that we were born, and that we have lived!”

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Awakening to Fire