What Is Awakening?

11:11 – again! I have been observing these repetitive number-patterns, for quite a long time, now! It all started when my spiritual awakening accelerated! People do not know much about what spiritual awakening represents. They are scared of the concept, thinking that it is a sort of New Age thing, being part of a cult’s dogma, or something similar to this! But there is nothing else more false than that perception!
Everybody goes through an awakening, at a certain point, in life. When you abandon the old you, and you either discover, or recreate a new you, then you undergo symbolical death and resurrection, namely you go through a process of awakening! Awakening constitutes the act of peeling off all the dysfunctional layers of your being, and going to the next level of consciousness. Healing your wounds and integrating the unconscious parts of yourself, becoming whole – imply an inner awakening.
But what is the vehicle of awakening? Most often, one awakens through pain, or distress, at some existential level. If you analyse all great historic personalities, you will understand that they all had to face colossal challenges. Is that aspect only a coincidence? I do not think so! The fragile seed of greatness must, first, be buried, in total darkness, in order for it to sprout, later on!
Additionally, love triggers change, also, as it activates one’s emotions, and those intense feelings influence everything, including the ability to create. The heart center is more than the area of an organ’s physical presence, in the body. It is a major creative tool – that is why so many artists, or even scientists, have greatly influenced humanity. They acted from their intuition, and they have chiseled those deeds by means of good information, and by further experimenting, testing the value of their theories.
What is the purpose of awakening, though? Having access to a higher level of consciousness, becoming the greatest version of yourself, and, of course, uplifting humanity. You do not awaken only for yourself. You awaken for the entire mankind, and you have the responsibility to help other’s ascension.
-Did you awaken, yet?
-I am just following the steps of those who walked before me, in desiring to find out my true identity, in allowing change to happen, and in letting my heart open-wide.

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