Awakening to Fire

A daily quote from my Romance Novel, Awakening to Fire:

“I did not understand everything yet, but what I comprehended is that the twin-flame connection is not outside of yourself and the union does not happen outside. The twin-flame is just another state of consciousness, of enlightenment and in order to take it in and to manifest it outside of yourself, you must go on a personal journey, that has nothing to do with the historical, 3D experience of the presence of your significant other. You must go through the journey and you must get to the other side illuminated, purified. You go from the depths of darkness into the light; you ascend, for all humanity.

Do not believe that if your divine counterpart is not with you in the physical, then you are dead or insignificant or lost or doomed. You are a divine fire in a human form and there is nothing human that can stop you from reaching where you must get. Love yourself deeply. Stop the pain, stop the drama and live! I can let it go now. I can let go of my past, so that I might embrace my becoming. You have to make peace inside of yourself and you have to honour yourself. If you do not do that, nobody will do it for you!”

N.B. If you are interested in my romance novel, ‘Awakening to Fire’, you can order it by accessing the following link:

Awakening to Fire


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