The Power of Self-Love

Culture has a great impact on our way of thinking, acting, and feeling. From a very young age, I was taught that Princesses are loved by Princes, and that you have to be a Princess, in order to be loved by a Prince-Charming. The trouble was that I never actually felt like a Princess. I did not consider myself to be too beautiful; I was not that feminine; I did not like dresses, nor makeup. I had other interests than just adorning myself, and exposing myself to the eye of the potential male-watcher. Reading, for example, was a better time-passing activity, a more meaningful one.

But, later on, I got hurt, inside, not by others, but by myself. I felt the need to be a lovely young lady, as, in my mind, that was the only way to obtain love. By comparing myself with that illusory pattern, I got to think that something is wrong with me. Why can I not be like them? Why am I so different? And I cried, inwardly, thousands of tears.

That pain produced a clarity that the superficial Princesses do not possess. I understood that the cliche is false, and, more than that, that it is dysfunctional. We are unique, and we deserve to be loved for whom we are – for nothing else. We do not become worthy of love – we are worthy, all the time. In our imperfect moments, even, we are the most cute, as we show, genuinely, whom we re, at our core. Vulnerability and honesty equate with sexiness. Intelligence is hotness. Education and common sense, compassion, dedication, loyalty – these things make you appealing for the Real Man – the one who knows what is valuable in a life full of Masks.

I no longer suffer because I am not Cinderella. I no longer identify myself with the tale. In the real story, I am the main character, and the person who must love me the most is – myself! From this point of balance, I can give love, and receive love, in a healthy way! ‘We are bringing sexy back’ – through our heart-opening, our sensitivity, our intuition, our character, and our intelligence. Dear Reader, you are beautiful, just the way you are! Do not allow people to bring you down! Create your own story! And, please, remember, we do not obtain love, we are Love!


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