Facing the Shadow-Self

To know yourself is to face your own shadows and light, and to go beyond the labeling aspect of existence, in the essence of your identity – what you choose in the now moment. It is as simple as this. You are more than a perception of what is considered to be moral, or immoral; you are more than an isolated act that you have committed; you are more than even your self-past-construction, or your social mask. No human being is completely bad, or – completely good. We all have things we struggle with, and we all have made mistakes. Still, what defines us is our level of consciousness, and what we choose to become, not a certain moral pattern.

It is important to respect the rules of the culture we live in; anarchy is not the solution. But, we also have to grasp the fact that we are not defined by society’s desires, or expectations, but by our own level of awareness which is always connected to the divine. The greatest judge is hiding inside of you! The greatest reward is abiding inside of your own being! As you are a human being that has also a spiritual dimension, you have the capacity to feel, intuitively, what is wrong, and what is right. If society teaches you something that your consciousness says is wrong, then you should listen to your consciousness.

In the past, people did a lot of awful things that were legal, at that time. Slavery is one of them; so just the fact that society approves of something does not guarantee that it is moral, also. What is the solution, then? Should we live outside this world? No. The key is to balance the tendency to adapt to society with the tendency to remain one’s self. We must keep our originality, while living among other humans. We must keep lit our own inner light! We must try to be happy, while elevating others!

In this context, facing your shadow-self is extremely important, as it leads to self-healing, and that guides you towards inner balance. And if you have attained that you can function properly in an insecure world; you have the basis of a healthy life! But what does it mean to face your shadows? It means to be honest in relation to your current state of being. It means acknowledging your flaws and faults. It means accepting your wounds and needs. It means taking action-steps towards your healing. Accepting your shadow does not mean making a cult for either your positive side or for your negative side. It means seeing yourself as a whole, and balancing your opposing tendencies for the greatest good of your own being and of others. What will be the result of these strenuous efforts? A happier ‘you’.

Being spiritual is a part of this journey of self-healing; having a ‘soul-mate’, or a ‘twin-flame’ is an opportunity of change and growth. Most believe that it is about being romantically involved with their significant other; but, ultimately, it is not. You may never have a human relationship with a person with which you have a soul-connection, because that is not its main purpose. The essential is the mirroring aspect involved by that connection, as only by seeing who you truly are, at your core, you can truly heal. The essential is your becoming. The essential is your own awakening. These are the pillars on which you will build your existence.

Your beloved may never want to face his or her true self. Does that mean that you also have to remain in that state? No! If you consider yourself to be awake, (not ‘more awake’, more ‘awakened’, and so on!), then you must know that even if the entire world goes on the wrong path, you must still walk on the right one. Even if all forgot that they have a divine purpose, you cannot forget it! Even if nobody teaches the truth, and nobody guides others towards the true self-mastery, (which is never about the other’s actions!), still you have to do it, if you are AWAKENED!

So, what is the conclusion? Instead of chasing around false expectations, you should have the guts to accept what the Mirror is reflecting back unto you. An expanded consciousness knows that this spiritual journey is not about labeling, nor about anything from the exterior, but about what you have always been – your true identity: love, wisdom, and power! Stop playing dead! Step into your power!


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