Awakening to Fire

I have understood something: God or The Higher Self will lead you into ways that you have never thought possible, by using your passion, or the passion of the person you love, or the hate of your enemies. Or dire circumstances. Or severe pain. There are goals to achieve, things to change, people to touch, and, sometimes, the attraction of your comfort zone is so high that you would not leave the place of both your comfort and doom unless highly and powerfully motivated. God will use anything to motivate you: the “giving” of your twin, or the “taking” of your twin. God will use love, betrayal and death. God will use any kind of existential aspect to make you change and act.

You must never fear to follow your heart, because God will use that to take you where you must be. God brought your twin in your life in order to break your life and give you the realization of yourself and of your identity, but sometimes the same God will take your twin away from you, and that is very hard to accept. It took me almost two years to understand that God is taking my twin away. Why? I could not understand… Why, if I was given such a beautiful gift, why is it being taken away? I do not fully understand even now, while I am writing this, but I had the illumination that nothing that happens to us is sent to break us, to destroy us, but to make us. God uses both our passion and our loss to position us exactly where we must be.

We have a divine purpose to fulfil and the road is not clear but sinuous. There are many stops and delays and some victories along the way! If you believe that only the victory is part of  the plan, then you will suffer enormously, and feel trapped in a cage of pain that will paralyze you. You will stop living, just like I did. You will refuse to love anybody else besides your twin; you will refuse to accept reality, and the truth may be that you have been rejected. Stop thinking that deep down they want you – as long as they are with somebody else, they do not. You can try to figure out how in the world can they reject such a gift, but the truth is they can. You can say that they are asleep, or whatever, but remember that even your twin is a tool with which you are being transformed, changed, from a caterpillar into a butterfly.

God will use the pain and your hopes to bring into your life the metamorphosis. Do not say that you were stupid to believe in your twin; it was the Higher Self guiding you into a path of self-denial and renunciation that few walk upon. You have become a martyr of the spirit, because you have sacrificed your ego on the altar of love. It is crucial to understand that sometimes a person was meant to come across your path to produce a change in you, or to ignite your passion, to give you power to start something, but they are not meant to stay. Only time will tell, and the idea that they were meant to be with us forever is like poison. It will prevent you from ever recovering from such a loss as the loss of your twin.”

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Awakening to Fire


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