Give up Resistance and Learn how to Trust

We are taught, from a young age, how to fit in society, how to salute, respect others, and mingle in. And that is important. But who teaches us that others, in this cruel world, will try to take away of light, our personality, our dreams, our right to be ourselves? People are very intolerant, even if they profess themselves to be ‘spiritual’, or ‘educated’. They no longer insult you directly, but they treat you coldly, they go to your friends, they undermine your name, your work, your mission.

And all this – just because you are different, and you stay true to what you are. The danger in this experience is not to be hit, but to become like them – a “Judas”, a false friend, a person who betrays his Master by a kiss. Do not get corrupted by the violence of others! Stay in your truth! Profess it! Live it! Teach others according to your own revelation! But do not get intolerant to other’s views and paths! We are in this to evolve, to expand our consciousness, not to show off!

What is the gain in being yourself, and being compassionate? Your light will reach its purpose: you will uplift others! These are the true light-workers, those who shift the world by their soul-flame! We are not here to harm, or to forcibly awaken anybody! We are here to shine! Others will follow us, on their own accord! And, eventually, the entire humanity will be changed! This represents Divine Love! To create a space of healing around yourself, around your “twin-flame”, around your “soul-mate”, around the entire humankind!

The more we surrender to the Divine, the happier we will be! So, dear reader, today, give up that struggle with your own heart! Learn how to trust! You are loved by a Love-Consciousness that cares for you, all the time! You are not forgotten, by any means! Give up resistance, and the obsession for a certain outcome! Just be – light, love, hope! This will be enough to change everything around you! Things will change for the better, as you will change, and jump from the level of fear to the level of love. The only solution – live through the heart, through love, not fear! Then, the sweet morning will come!


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