Awakening to Fire

‘I am conscious that I am falling unconscious. I had a spark today, and I felt shot in the chest. An immense swirling pain took over me. Dizziness and bitterness. We are both entering into darkness once more – and it is so sad! I do not know if I will be able to fight against it! I felt the voice of The Higher Self, leading me. <<Tamara, you have started to step into the darkness, and, please, remember that I am with you always, and, please, do not let go of My hand! This is too much for you; this is too much for everybody, but there is a way out of this infernal, dangerous spot – trust in Me, and stand still! I have trained you for this, beforehand! Do you remember? You have been through this in the past, and now you have the tools to navigate! Just listen to My Voice! Don’t hurry into choosing something, even if it seems good; just stand still; and let me do all the work! Go after the Voice!>>’

N.B. If you are interested in my romance novel, ‘Awakening to Fire’, you can order it by accessing the following link:

Awakening to Fire


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