The Pen – to Write Your Life With

I.   It is a magical rainbow-pen,

     that enables you to shift the shade –

     each instant of your fragile life!

II.   Although you have this thrilling freedom,

       one day you will understand that

       you want ALL of them.

III.   The green of dreams

        goes well with the yellow of focus.

        And the red of passion

        magnificently pairs with the black of sobriety.

IV.   With the same dull Instrument,

        one can draw a sunny landscape,

        or a gloomy autumn day.

V.   The interesting pen is always the same.

      It is the mind and hand of the Creator

      that make things differently.

VI.   -Don’t complain about today’s drawings,

        even if they are not-perfect.

        The Masterpiece has not ended.

VII.   Tomorrow is a brand new day!


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