Awakening to Fire

“If the Universe has brought your twin to you, be thankful. If the Universe has taken away your twin from you, be thankful. There is no other way out of the psychological hell produced by the loss of your significant other, may he or she be your twin, or a soulmate, or just a loved one. Stop resisting the Universe, and you will find healing. If you live in the past, or in the future, you will never reach healing! You have to stay in the <<now>> moment, only in the now, and to spread love, unconditionally, to all human beings, without discrimination, because that was what we were sent here to do. Even if you physically lose your twin, the love will always be with you; the energy will come to you – there is no escape from that. You can share it with other people, but it is still the energy of the union.”

N.B. If you are interested in my romance novel, ‘Awakening to Fire’, you can order it by accessing the following link:

Awakening to Fire


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