Awakening to Fire

I do not know how much I will resist if this keeps on going. I need peace and tranquility and healing, but healing is so hard to attain and to maintain! There are so many layers of wounding, and they seem to never end! Everything that we experience is just a manifestation of our inner world. That is what we should change – the inner world, the Soul! We must learn our lessons, and we must progress!

I know that even in the pit of desperation, there is hope. If nobody else loves you, God loves you, and you must also love yourself! God can heal any wound, any kind of loss, and everything that was against us can actually work for our good! You must believe in your healing, before it can be manifested in outward reality! Healing is not hard, believing is…”

N.B. If you are interested in my romance novel, ‘Awakening to Fire’, you can order it by accessing the following link:

Awakening to Fire


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