The Bird with Two Faces

One – is the Thorn-Bird. When she feels her death coming, she throws herself into the sharpest thorn, and she produces a music that overrides everything else, in existence! Into her life, beauty and pain are intimately intertwined. She becomes a symbol of sacrifice. She is the Soul who burns itself on the pyre of compassion and love.

The Other – is the Phoenix. When you would think that she is finished, she revives from the ugly, grey, and gloomy ashes. Her brand is the Fire that she has overcome – the pain that has been transfigured by the power of the Spirit! The victory of the strong! More wise, more powerful, more beautiful!

See, the Soul is this bird with two faces. You cannot separate the Thorn-Bird from the Phoenix, as they are the two different stages of the same being! You cannot have the Phoenix without the death! So, please, remember that all this pain that you are experiencing, right now, is only the substance from which both these birds feed. Still, the heart possessed the capacity of metamorphosis. It is not a death, nor a resurrection; it is a death and a resurrection. It is a cycle of becoming!

-If you are awake, you do not negate either one: you are the Bird-With-Two-Faces!


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