Chase Your Dreams 

Today, I have read about a little girl who has terminal cancer. Her parents made a list with the things that she wants to experience, and one of those dreams was to marry her best friend, of six years old. So, her parents organised a ‘wedding’, in which she and her best friend promised to be ‘best friends forever.’ She looked amazing in her pink dress, with a white veil covering her hairless head. She was beautiful!
It made me cry a bit. It made me think. Yes, of course, she is very young, and maybe she does not realize fully what is happening to her, or what will happen to her in the end. But her attitude of gratitude is what makes her life significant! And just to think of her parents – what did they feel, during that ceremony? Maybe they were proud of their daughter, but I am sure they were sad, also. What gave them the strength to do the best they can, instead of being depressed and bitter? Maybe the imminent possibility of death awakens you, making you to understand how precious this life is. Just the way it is!
But you, dear Reader, what stops you from living your life to the fullest? Do you really cherish the gift of existence? Or, on the contrary, you waste your life on doing meaningless things? I invite you to meditate upon this hour! Don’t take it for granted!

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