A Deadly Mistake

I.   You have given your crimson-velvety-heart

     to everyone – except yourself.

     You have injected everyone with the sweet-antidote-of-joy,

     But your being.

II.   This elevated heaven of feeling, colours, and strong support

       Existed only as a faraway-fictional-land,

       Only as a deceiving story,

       Not as a concrete-space-of-healing,

       Because you did not heal your own wounded soul.

III.   Yet. Today is a new opportunity

        To envision the world through hoping-lens,

        To change your focus,

        And to commence again.

IV.   As long as you still breathe,

       You are still the director

       Of this fascinating movie call ‘Life’.

       No audience can erase your Unique Signature.

V.   -The last page of Your Script has not been written yet.

      Do you realize how blessed you are?


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