An Ordinary Day

 Motto: “Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life!” [Omar Khayyam]

There are days like these – ordinary – when, by definition, nothing spectacular happens! Still, life is a gift. Still, those boring days are an opportunity for your revelations to come to you. The sacred is manifested in the profane. You need to only wait – and see.

My best days were born out of simple days. I never expected the shift to happen, but it came. There are no ordinary days – every instant of your existence is magnificent and full of mystery. Learn how to appreciate the present moment, as in it both your past and your future meet.

You may think that you have no special gifts – but that, again, it is not true. If you exist, you are part of the Big Plan of the Divine. So try to live today with awareness and responsibility. Shine your light! Spread your knowledge, without becoming oppressive towards others, or controlling! Be ready to lose some belief systems; to encounter some emotional deaths, and to experience some revivals. The aftermath of this process will be a better you, a wiser you, a more compassionate you. A you – like God.

-Be grateful for this moment. This moment is your life!


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