Awakening to Fire

‘If your twin broke you, consider that an opportunity to love more deeply; to forgive them, and to embrace them for who they are, not for who you want them to be; to give them the freedom to choose their own path, and for you to manifest your real nature, godliness or unconditional love. If your human twin-flame story ended badly, do not believe that you are a failure! You could never be a failure! There is a reason for what is happening to you or for everything that has ever happened to you! It is hard to see what that purpose is when you are trapped in your humanity, but if you connect with the inner you, then you will find out! The true guru is inside of you! You are divine!

“And if we are divine, why do we commit so many atrocities?” you may ask. “Why do we have wars and why do we kill and rob and steal? Why do suffering and misery and pain exist?” The answer is simple. To exacerbate our true essence: love and happiness! On this earthly realm, nothing can exist, but in opposites. So is evil necessary? No, but the experience of duality is. Who cares about duality? The Higher Spirit! Why do we struggle for union, if duality and separation are good things? We must once more work towards union; we must experience humanity and separation – and then, divinity and union. Can anyone guarantee you that you and your twin will ever be together? No, but you have the option of your own existence, and that is all! Never victimize yourself, crying your eyes out, because your twin does not want you or that you are separate or that some misfortune has happened to you! Learn your lesson, and move on! Your time on earth is limited, and you must bring into existence as much light as you can!


The more you love, the more you will be crucified, inwardly! Do not believe that if you love someone with your entire heart, and you are a man or woman of character, they will respond with the same amount of love. The rule is: the more you love, the more you will be crucified internally! The human ego needs to be killed, until shadow and light become one! The union is, first of all, reached inside! It is a state of consciousness, where you are not separate from any phenomena that ever existed or is in existence! You are not separated from your twin, from your twin’s lover; you are not sad or happy – you are both; you are a melange; you contain in yourself every potentiality, and all is “good”. When nothing bothers you anymore, when the pain does not paralyze you anymore, when it has become equal whether you will ever be with your twin or not, when you embrace all humanity, then you have reached union! Then, miracles can happen! When you are able to embrace all shadows, in you and in others, then you have reached union, and you “need” nothing, anymore! You just take what is given to you! Both the venom and the honey! When you still suffer, because your twin is not with you, then your ego is still active, because you are in your humanity, not in your divinity! The gods do not care if they are forsaken! If you are one of them, why do you care? Is not that your humanity howling? To be able to escape this hell, you must be willing to surrender yourself to the Higher Spirit and to what is. There is no way out besides that! Just cling to the belief that you are eternally loved, no matter what your circumstances might be!’

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Awakening to Fire


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