Awakening to Fire

‘A possible answer to the question: “Why do we love?” We love if the person is beautiful; and we love even if the person is not so beautiful; we love if the person is rich; and we love even if the person is poor; we love not because of a human reason; we love “without a reason”; we give love as the ultimate affirmation of our true nature! Loving somebody does produce a light explosion in the other, but first of all, it explodes in you! It leads you to your true potential, because love is the ultimate mirror of your soul. Many people cannot abandon themselves to love, because they are afraid to find out who they truly are. Life, for them, is just a long, dark alley, and they sit in the corner, terrified to come out, terrified of their own beauty.

“Why would someone be terrified of beauty?” somebody might ask. They fear, because beauty is always correlated with pain; and people usually hate pain; they try to avoid it; they fight against it; and call the people that give themselves to pain – crazy! Their ego is so strong that they do not give love any chance to flower; they kill it from the very start! They are interested in money, in pleasure, in vice, in being mean; and they forget who they were, before coming here, on this earth. Love is the death of the ego; and ego is the death of love. Love is not a human, rational-based experience; love is transcendent, like a stream of electricity reflected through a bulb of glass. The bulb glass is the ego. If the glass is dirty, the perception of the light changes itself, because the bulb’s colour limits the manifestation of the light. So it is with love. The best we can do as non-human based entities, having a human experience, is to shed the bulb.

Only very few will actually manage to do that, because the process of brokenness is long-termed, and the “deeper man”, the “essence man” is always fighting the surface, the “shallow man”. Shedding the bulb is death; and to learn how to embrace death, in its purest, benign form is vital! That it is why I love you – because I am love and beauty and pain; and the process of cleansing the bulb just outlines my true essence. That is why I love you so much, because I am love infinite! Maybe you did not expect this answer, but it is just a possibility, out of many. The fact that I love you because of whom and what I am does not mean that you are unworthy of love or that your qualities are non-existent and I am just sacrificing myself for you; it means we reflect each other. I love you in order to manifest who I am; you love me, to manifest who you are. We are triangle in triangle, divine geometry.’

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Awakening to Fire


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