Awakening to Fire

Day 33: The Psychological Pit

Motto: “Good night, good night! Parting is such sweet sorrow, that I shall say good night till it be morrow.” (William Shakespeare)

‘I have realized something. I was speaking with the person that I have recently met, let’s call him “My Friend”. I was speaking with My Friend about the healing process that I need to go through, and he said to me something amazing. He said, “The pit does not exist. We were never in the pit. We only believed we were!” It hit me, like lightning! We were never in the pit, because the pit does not exist. The pit is psychological. Everything that is happening to you right now, all the pain of the loss – is psychological. The pit does not exist, because it is something related to the past, first of all. The pit does not exist, because you exist, and if you exist, then hope still exists! You lost nothing essential, as long as you did not lose yourself. The pit exists only in your mind. You enforce it. You give it power to grow, and to entangle you, to destroy you! You destroy yourself, not your twin, no matter what they have chosen!

As long as you are in the pit, you are not able to see the truth. You are trapped in a weird psychological thread made of regrets, “love” (feelings), hate, despair, self-degrading gestures, and actions. Did your twin leave you? That’s their choice. What you do with your life is up to you. Nobody says that it does not hurt, but in order to heal, you must understand that you are responsible for your own life, for your own happiness; you decide how to live and whom you love, or whom to love no more… The pit is an image of the dark-self, full with fear, guilt, rejection, and desperation. As long as you maintain the psychological hell within you, you will create a world around you that will fit the frequency that you are emanating.

If there is one thing that you can do in the pit it is to love – everybody, unconditionally. It is what took me out of the pit. If you emanate love, then you will attract love, and by it you will break free of the ego-chain-projection. Love yourself and love others unconditionally – that is how you will get out of the pit. Enforce your spirit every day; because the mind is subject to the spirit, and no matter how deep might be the pain that you are feeling, your ego will follow your spirit, if you act not according to your ego, but to spirit. Spirit is love – the equation is so simple.

My loved ones, you must try not to hold any negative feelings against anybody, and if you are still struggling with it, then forget about it all – and just give love. Love represents the stairs from hell to heaven. From an inner, psychological pit to the most beautiful expression of freedom and well-being, which is in essence love – the emanation of a higher frequency? Don’t give up, fight on! Tomorrow comes the song!’


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