Awakening to Fire

“We hurt others because we are so hurt inside. It all comes from a place of fear and pain. What we can do is focus on our own healing, and although it may seem the most selfish thing, the reality is that we can never offer others something greater than a Healed Us, the greatest version of us!”

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Awakening to Fire

​A New Name

Motto: “Whoever has ears, let them hear what the Spirit says to the churches. To the one who is victorious, I will give some of the hidden manna. I will also give that person a white stone with a New Name written on it, known only to the one who receives it.” (Revelations 2:17)

When you truly understand who you are-

-a mighty personality,

a king, or a queen,

You let the cancerous fear go.

The beauty of you is unique.

As flawed as you may be!

The love that you are

Makes you appealing to those who are also Love.

Let nobody steal your identity!

People come and go-hurried passengers,

But the heart that you are seeking

Is already seeking you!

Divinity has not forgotten you!

All  corrosive tears were meant to make you failure-proof.

When you will learn to abide in your power,

When you will honour your own being,

Then, domineering chains will start falling…

Open wounds will commence to close…

Heavenly wings will begging to grow…

…And in a split-second you will be soaring!

Above the restrictive addictions and pain,

Above all shadows.


Will be your new name!

Awakening to Fire

“Many confound desire and passion with true love, but Love is neither! Love is the only thing without a name. It incarnates in people, usually producing ‘heart-quakes’ in them. It is something that changes you profoundly, elevating you through Pain and Tears – mixed with Deep Joy!”

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Awakening to Fire

In the Solitude

​Motto: “Dance, when you’re broken open./Dance, if you’ve torn the bandage off./Dance, in the middle of the fighting./Dance in your blood.” [Rumi]

I’ve grown like a cursed plant-

in the simmering solitude.

My days were desolate

and my nights-frosty.

Above my wounded being-a limitless sky,

was shining in the dark.

Those guru-stars revealed to me

the way back to my genuine self.

They neither complained, nor cried!

Simply – gave away their light.

And lived to illumine others,

as violet, vibrant flames – burning.

They’ve grown like cursed seeds of infinity,

guiding me to embrace my essence:

A solitary spark innumerably broken, 

feeding, healing, and awakening 

the sleeping-beauties.

-You’ve grown like a blessed, scented flower-bud.

Awakening to Fire

“I have started a thorny, spiritual quest, on this road to self-healing. One of the issues that I have observed is my constant fear, inwardly rooted in my need of people. They are correlated, in the most intimate way. Why do I keep my old, dysfunctional relationships, when I feel inside of me that they are not what I truly need: that they do not feed the most important parts of my soul? Because of a monstrous, dingy fear; because of my acute, piercing need of people.”

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Awakening to Fire

Awakening to Fire

​”My healing does not benefit only me, but in my healing – others heal. My family, my friends, my nation, the entire world! We are raising the level of humanity through our beauty, our pain, our death, our resurrection, our beauty. It is a cycle that starts with beauty and ends with beauty. You, Twin, raise up and fight for the beauty of you, for the salvation of all humanity!

You have a great responsibility, and it is important for you to heal and raise yourself above the circumstances of your life! You are important, because you have a great amount of power and love, and with those ‘bricks’ you will build an entirely new world, full of peace, love, and equilibrium! You will find your golden crown in your grayish ashes!”

Awakening to Fire

My Crown

​It has not been passed down to me

Through my bloodline.

My ancestors were common-sleepers.

I found it in the weeping ashes.

After everything burnt out.

After each tormenting thorn was engraved in my flesh.

It spoke my name, softly,

Revealing my right to reign.

Over the barren disappointments.

And bitter tears.

And utter loneliness.

And dashed hopes.

-You could have never been more Queen

Than then. When the world


Your name!

Awakening to Fire

“I am enough! I am enough! I deserve to be loved! This is the truth, and seeing it has helped me already! Am I going to be able to heal? Yes! How, if in my own consciousness, in my own energy field, I have encoded with my own hands: ‘You are not enough’? I must strife to heal, although I have no idea how to do it! 

The way I feel is iconic for our era! We all believe that we are the by-product of someone else’s bad choices! We all believe that we are the victims of our environment and circumstances! We all believe that we cannot change our lives for good! We are all able to do that and I, being on the road to self-healing, add to the healing of the entire humanity! What you do today for yourself will mark humanity forever!”

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Awakening to Fire

​The Strife to Heal

Motto: “The wound is the place light enters you.”
               [Jalaludin Rumi]

When we think of the concept of “pain”, we attach so many meanings to it, but do we actually see it as a “potential place of illumination”? No. Pain is ugly. Pain is everybody’s abandoned and denied child. We want to escape it. 

Pain is only a messenger! It indicates that a world is sick in us, and it requires our immediate attention. Pain indicates that there is an un-healed part of us. Without understanding your wounds, your shadows, you won’t be able to reach wholeness – or balance.

When you will take time to be honest with yourself; when you will see the roots of both your problems and your solutions in YOU; when you will no longer RUN, then miracles will happen in your life. And that is your divine purpose, your mission: self-healing. Because you, now, recognize that you are ONE with everything else in existence! You, now, see that humanity is in you, and you are in humanity! And both you and humanity are WORTHY of happiness, healing, and LOVE.