Sweet Acidic-Rain

All hollow-separations-from-you,
those ghostly-edgy-dismantling-pains

came around at an 180-degree-angle,

bringing me closer to your nourishing heart.
They taught me becoming

the greatest-version-of-myself.

Subject not done in the school-of-intelligence,

But in the school-of-suffering.
The results of it are surprisingly different:

The first produces intelligent-people.

The second creates wise-souls.

True graduates come from the latter.
And, here, in your stone-pillow-arms, I find my best reward.

A-changed-you passionately embracing a-transformed-me.

Higher love. Greater understanding. A-gaping-heart.

Deepest ecstasy.
-It’s worth it. Being shaped by the Thorns-of-Love.

This acidic-rain that carves our spirits-skin

for eternity

is sweetest in the end!


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