The Star Guiding Off-Tracks

The star guiding you

towards your inner rebirth

is buried deeply inside,

beneath the sickening clutter of things-to-do.

To see it, first, you must have your eye trained.

To observe the piercing truth.

To touch the fragile thread.

To embrace what you can’t comprehend.

The Star-of-You is here

Illuminating the dark worlds.

Don’t let the cold of a season

To silence your spark.

You’re the guiding-star!

They bow down to you,

as you are an extension of the Queen.

Or King.

Awakening to Fire

“Unconditional love isn’t the obsession with a certain person. It’s not the emotional, earthly attachment to a human vessel. It’s the attitude of the heart that gives you the strength to hold everybody in your space: to treat them with respect and compassion; to give them permission to follow their own path, and the intrinsic liberty of your own happiness.”

Awakening to Fire