Awakening to Fire

‘I do not know if the path that I am taking is correct or not, but I am just embracing the present moment. Not choosing, not getting involved in anything, living in a cave, by fear of making a mistake, is worse than not living at all. What do I choose? My own healing, first, and after that, the healing of the entire humanity. You cannot heal yourself or others but in the now moment.’ (‘Awakening to Fire’, Tamara Solomon)

Awakening to Fire

‘Awakening to Fire’ Excerpt

‘I have to keep in mind that everything will be perfect, in the end! Eventually, all the problems will succumb, and I will find peace! How will I maintain my peace then, if I don’t practise it, now, in the midst of it all? It is essential to find it, now, and not be manipulated by people, circumstances, or sombre emotions!’

by Tamara G. Solomon

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Awakening to Fire

Protruding hopes

I’d like to pretend

That I’m not excited

About your presence

In my life.

But the truth is you’re my

Inner healer.

My soul’s friend.

My heart’s lover.

My rainbow-heaven:

A divine ecstasy.

These protruding, bruised hopes

Can’t be silenced.


Poem by Tamara Solomon

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