Motto: ‘The chasmal wounds/On my heart’s membrane/Are infected with sadness./The only efficient antidote/Is stored/In your agape palms.’ (‘Infection’, from ’11:11’ volume of poetry, by Tamara Solomon.)

‘Love is paradoxical. We all know (hopefully!) that healing is initiated inside. That’s where it should start, even if you presumably have other people’s support.

But isn’t it interesting that in a soul-connection, along with the wounding, comes the healing? And that is a sign you are experimenting a soul-connection. Both wounding and healing happen-both ways. Otherwise, it’s just a toxic interaction, or a soul-bond.

You should be grateful for both. But choosing to go higher shows in essence that you’ve learnt your lessons. And that’s why we’re here. Not just to repeat the same old experiences, but to learn the lessons, and to create new experiences.

Love is not what you feel. Love is what you do with what you feel. Life is not breathing. Love is what you learn and experience while you’re breathing. It’s all about soul-expansion.’

By Tamara Solomon