When the end started to begin

‘I was sad. It wasn’t like I didn’t expect it. But it was still so painful, due to the great amount of attachment involved. Can we be totally detached while being involved? No. So, there I was: profoundly attached. But with something that was no longer beneficial. Or, maybe, it had never been beneficial. And I always knew that. And that was the drama.

But when the end reached its apex, I felt a great inner freedom. Despite all pain, all attachment, and all wasted time. It was good that something like that ended, because it was a new beginning. It never really finishes – life. You only jump from one point to another. And, knowing this, you can have the right attitude in front of loss. Knowing this, you don’t drown in despair.

When the end starts to begin, trust whatever is happening to you. The ugliest part of the process is being confused: distrust consumes you inside, like a secret cancer-lump sucking the life out of you! The best thing to do is to maintain your faith: in God, destiny, your own soul. Trust – and things will become clearer in time.

-When the end starts to begin, it’s a sign you have a chance for a better life!

Forgiving is to Be Aware

We all suffered an injustice. Either if it was an exterior circumstance, like getting fired or betrayed by a friend or lover, or an inner wound, such as unrequited love, we all felt the burn of a soul-cut. We all blamed others. We all experienced the feelings of rage and bitterness. We all regretted the occurrence, the fact that we opened-up to those people, and we all wanted to go back in time to change our ‘stupid’ decisions.

But, just ponder, for a moment: did you gain something from that incident? Did you become stronger, wiser, more loving towards your own being? If yes, then, let regrets go! You have chosen, at a soul-level, to go through that, even if you cannot comprehend it with your human mind, because you needed to change. Even if they meant your harm, in 3D, they have, in fact, propelled you towards your true essence: that of a victor!

Forgiving is to be aware that your happiness happens through growth, and growth happens through people and difficult situations. There is no need to be upset – for too long… It would be just as a tragicomic scene, in which a kid is crying because he fell while learning to cycle. It might have been painful, but the fun came after that. It is the same, at a spiritual level. Forgive and forget! Keep only the lesson; let the rest go!

The secret of existence is not the absence of pain, but the transformation of everything. Metamorphosing the venom in medicine will make you what you were meant to be: a Master. Did you let go, or are you still holding unto the past?

The Importance of Honoring

It is very important to know how to honour: others and yourself. But the question is: “In What Order?” And our parents and teachers taught us that we should honour others, firstly. But that is wrong! The first duty to honour somebody comes in the form of honoring our own beings! That is imperative! It all starts from within, and then it is expanded into the exterior – love, respect, and appreciation. When you begin with yourself, then you have a strong foundation for constructing your respect for others.
I had to learn the hard way that love should start with self-love. And this does not represent an obsession, or selfishness, but an acknowledgment of my own soul and my own needs. Only by loving myself, I can love others in a balanced way. And only by loving others, I can stay healthy in my self-love. So this mutual aspect is the key to stability and development. In loving yourself – you are truly manifesting unconditional love, because you are the same in relation to all beings. And in loving others – you escape the craziness of narcissism.
For me, the lesson was to honour my own being, to put me first-place, and that was the way of balancing my own being, and of reaching wholeness. What about you? What was your lesson?

Powerful Intentions

Intentions are seeds. And we are responsible for what we plant in the soil of our minds and souls. Be careful what you desire, as even such a simple thing as a thought will bear fruit in your life – and you will have to face the aftermath of that energy. Actions are intimately correlated with your emotions and mental pictures. Are these healthy? Society taught us that rationality is the King of our being, but in essence the heart rules. The heart, represented not as an organ, but as an energetic point, a powerful creative vortex, a portal between worlds. Ration and action just follow a deeper calling – that of your core’s imprint, your flux of energy – or intent.

If your heart-centre is wicked and spoiled, just like a rotten apple, do not expect positive results, no matter how determined and dedicated you might be! Your Higher-Self will evaluate that, and ‘seeing’ that you are not in alignment with your higher purpose will allow drama to happen, as pain and trauma are factors that can initiate or lead to an inner awakening.

It is a higher form of love. The universe is teaching you to be kind and just. You are strongly advised not to mingle with ‘the fallen’, lower energies, but to soar high, with the eagles, the gurus, the warriors. The end of your life will be a coronation of your existence: a bouquet of former intentions, feelings, and actions. Therefore, you rule your destiny, and kneel down death, through the power of your eternal soul. There will be no judge, waiting to punish you, at your perish-bed. Your own consciousness will show you, once more, what you could have been, if you would have followed your inner light.

So, prepare, now, to be accountable, not to an exterior entity, but to your old, all-knowing-soul. Did you fight the good fight? Did you achieve your mission? If yes, I rejoice about your fulfilment. If not, I advise you to chase after your Divine Purpose. Before the-night-without-return comes.

An Ordinary Day

 Motto: “Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life!” [Omar Khayyam]

There are days like these – ordinary – when, by definition, nothing spectacular happens! Still, life is a gift. Still, those boring days are an opportunity for your revelations to come to you. The sacred is manifested in the profane. You need to only wait – and see.

My best days were born out of simple days. I never expected the shift to happen, but it came. There are no ordinary days – every instant of your existence is magnificent and full of mystery. Learn how to appreciate the present moment, as in it both your past and your future meet.

You may think that you have no special gifts – but that, again, it is not true. If you exist, you are part of the Big Plan of the Divine. So try to live today with awareness and responsibility. Shine your light! Spread your knowledge, without becoming oppressive towards others, or controlling! Be ready to lose some belief systems; to encounter some emotional deaths, and to experience some revivals. The aftermath of this process will be a better you, a wiser you, a more compassionate you. A you – like God.

-Be grateful for this moment. This moment is your life!

How to ‘Desire’ – ‘without Pain’

Motto: “Love is happy when is able to give something. The ego is happy when is able to take.” [Osho]

Gautama Buddha said that there is a deep correlation between desiring something and being in pain. And if we meditate profoundly upon this matter, he is somewhat right. The peace of mind goes straight out the window once you start to feel love for someone, or better said, once you fall in love. The inner tranquility dissipates once you start deeply craving for something. It is so because only when you begin to want something or someone, you actually get to perceive the inner void caused by that lack, or absence.

So, what is the solution? Not desiring anything? But that is a paradox – impossibility. In this world, as long as you live, you will have feelings and desires. How about practicing non-attachment? This, also, seems like a misunderstood concept, if not like an entirely false one. It is absurd to say that you love something, and that you are not connected to it. What Buddha really meant is to desire with love. That is non-attachment: practicing every wish with love.

Let us think about falling in love. It is an amazing feeling, but why does it have to hurt – every-single-time? Love does not hurt – loving with conditions, expectations, oppression, and control brings pain into this complicated equation. If you renounce fear (all these conditions are fear-based!), then you can be pure-love, or you can simply love the other for the sake of the other. This sort of love does not hurt. Why not? Because you take responsibility for your own life; you give love to yourself, first; so, you do not offer love from a point of neediness, but from a place of power and beauty. This represents the main idea of Osho, in the following statement: “If you love a flower, don’t pick it up, because if you pick it up, it dies, and it ceases to be what you love. So, if you love a flower, let it be. Love is not about possession. Love is about appreciation.”

Or, how another great person put it: “You say that you love lobster. But what does that mean? It means you want to eat the lobster. So, if your love creates destruction, what sort of love is that? You don’t love the lobster. You love yourself.’ Good point. We have to reassess, and understand that love with expectations, or love with pain – is lobster-love. True-love means simply giving for the sake of giving. It does not require something in return.

But there is a dangerous idea in this statement, also! If you love someone unconditionally, and you take care of them unconditionally, and you do not do the same with your own being – that is not love, but dysfunction. You need to have the same attitude towards all, not only towards a ‘select-few’. You give love, because you are love, and that should reflect in every area of your life. You are love in relation to yourself, also, not only in relation to others. Living without pain is living with love. And that love must be all-encompassing, reaching everything and everyone, just like the sun.

You can apply the true-love only if you are inwardly balanced. If you are not in equilibrium, you will not be able to maintain this, as you are not that high energy. Love is energy, before anything else. Love is intent, before action. Love is perspective. If you have a wrong perspective about yourself, you will have a distorted view of everything. So, the first step to practicing real-love is fixing the relationship you have with yourself: loving yourself so much that you no longer feel the need to impose conditions on others. You no longer need to control and suffocate the object-of-your-love.

Can we live and desire without pain? Yes. Only by living with love. And the first human being you need to love is yourself! Then, you can take that and expand it, for the entire humanity. That is why sacrificing, in a soul-connection, does not function. You want to create and manifest a beautiful, balanced interaction – out of fear and self-hatred!

-Can you desire – without pain?

Learn how to Protect what Is Yours

I have observed that once you get to a certain level of existence (peace, success, spirituality!), certain people will try to lower your standards. And it is not that they are intimately correlated with your life, but that they cannot stand to see you above them. They intuitively feel your positive vibes, your character, your love, your light – and they simply hate it, as it is a constant reminder of their own unbearable shadows.

Stay away from such people! They are tests of your endurance, and even if you will not be brought down by them, still, your energy (well-being) can be influenced by them. Learn how to protect what is yours! Learn to remain unmovable, on this ontological path! Trust your own revelations, your own abilities – there is a reason why you are the way you are! You were not meant to be like everybody! You were not meant to be anybody’s play-dough! But this world will try to make you – that!

Keep your standards – high! Keep your light – high! Keep your aspirations – high! Fuel your dreams, and dedicate yourself to achieving them! Do not be like the rest, because that will kill you as an individual, as a unique part of the whole! Forgive the bearers-of-darkness. And move on. Be an example of what a human being should be! Soar high, along with the eagles! Do not be a fallen-chicken! They may brag about their ‘fatness’, but, at the end of the day, they are imprisoned – and they cannot fly! Keep your vision high!

Chase Your Dreams 

Today, I have read about a little girl who has terminal cancer. Her parents made a list with the things that she wants to experience, and one of those dreams was to marry her best friend, of six years old. So, her parents organised a ‘wedding’, in which she and her best friend promised to be ‘best friends forever.’ She looked amazing in her pink dress, with a white veil covering her hairless head. She was beautiful!
It made me cry a bit. It made me think. Yes, of course, she is very young, and maybe she does not realize fully what is happening to her, or what will happen to her in the end. But her attitude of gratitude is what makes her life significant! And just to think of her parents – what did they feel, during that ceremony? Maybe they were proud of their daughter, but I am sure they were sad, also. What gave them the strength to do the best they can, instead of being depressed and bitter? Maybe the imminent possibility of death awakens you, making you to understand how precious this life is. Just the way it is!
But you, dear Reader, what stops you from living your life to the fullest? Do you really cherish the gift of existence? Or, on the contrary, you waste your life on doing meaningless things? I invite you to meditate upon this hour! Don’t take it for granted!

The Bird with Two Faces

One – is the Thorn-Bird. When she feels her death coming, she throws herself into the sharpest thorn, and she produces a music that overrides everything else, in existence! Into her life, beauty and pain are intimately intertwined. She becomes a symbol of sacrifice. She is the Soul who burns itself on the pyre of compassion and love.

The Other – is the Phoenix. When you would think that she is finished, she revives from the ugly, grey, and gloomy ashes. Her brand is the Fire that she has overcome – the pain that has been transfigured by the power of the Spirit! The victory of the strong! More wise, more powerful, more beautiful!

See, the Soul is this bird with two faces. You cannot separate the Thorn-Bird from the Phoenix, as they are the two different stages of the same being! You cannot have the Phoenix without the death! So, please, remember that all this pain that you are experiencing, right now, is only the substance from which both these birds feed. Still, the heart possessed the capacity of metamorphosis. It is not a death, nor a resurrection; it is a death and a resurrection. It is a cycle of becoming!

-If you are awake, you do not negate either one: you are the Bird-With-Two-Faces!

The Tragedy of Disconnectedness

As humans – we need love, playfulness, and interaction. But this era draws us apart from each other, more and more. Technology was meant to sustain us, and to make our lives easier, but if we analyse the effects of it, we will see its dark side, also: alienation. We are so linked to the Internet, and computers, and virtual world that we feel less the need of others, the need of a powerful qualitative intercommunication. Escapism has become a way of living, but a dangerous one.

We need our personal space and meditation time, but, still, we are not made for loneliness. We need other people; and other people need us. In order to stay human, we must stay united, as only by sharing and receiving love – we can maintain our humanity. Being human is not about having two legs and two arms, but about the level of consciousness, creativity, passion, and compassion that we experience and manifest. We are not hole puppets. We are made for love. And love needs an object that would reflect that back. That is why humans live in societies. That is why humans form families. That is why humans need soul-intimacy.

This concept is so powerful that it requires our full attention. Because every day you are growing towards something. And the question is: “Are you growing towards oneness, love, positive vibes, or, on the contrary, towards segregation, dissension, alienation?” This becoming involves your final outcome: if your life was worth living, or not. You need to do something, in order to honour existence; it is not sufficient to just survive! Who are you, now? What are you becoming?