Learn how to Protect what Is Yours

I have observed that once you get to a certain level of existence (peace, success, spirituality!), certain people will try to lower your standards. And it is not that they are intimately correlated with your life, but that they cannot stand to see you above them. They intuitively feel your positive vibes, your character, your love, your light – and they simply hate it, as it is a constant reminder of their own unbearable shadows.

Stay away from such people! They are tests of your endurance, and even if you will not be brought down by them, still, your energy (well-being) can be influenced by them. Learn how to protect what is yours! Learn to remain unmovable, on this ontological path! Trust your own revelations, your own abilities – there is a reason why you are the way you are! You were not meant to be like everybody! You were not meant to be anybody’s play-dough! But this world will try to make you – that!

Keep your standards – high! Keep your light – high! Keep your aspirations – high! Fuel your dreams, and dedicate yourself to achieving them! Do not be like the rest, because that will kill you as an individual, as a unique part of the whole! Forgive the bearers-of-darkness. And move on. Be an example of what a human being should be! Soar high, along with the eagles! Do not be a fallen-chicken! They may brag about their ‘fatness’, but, at the end of the day, they are imprisoned – and they cannot fly! Keep your vision high!


Awakening to Fire

“I am changing so much! My confidence and my peace are growing, which is essential for my healing! I forgive everybody. Unforgiveness makes no sense, in a larger frame. They do you good the ones that love you, and they do you good the ones that leave you. Especially the latter ones. Them leaving is the ultimate gesture of kindness. If they would stay, they would ruin your destiny! How could I be anything else but grateful, for both of them? (…) I miss everybody that I have ever loved! I know that even if some of them are lost forever they will always be with me, trapped in the person that I have become!”

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Awakening to Fire