Nobody Teaches You how to Let Go

As important as fighting for things, dreams, and persons, it is to let go. Peacefully, not bitterly, not being depressed – just flexible, fluid, like the waters-of-life. There are things worth fighting for, living for, and dying for. But there are others who destroy you from within; eating everything inside of you; bringing your final, dark, and meaningless collapse. These entities, situations, or memories are a cancer of the soul, and they need to be consumed by the fire of new hopes and new perspectives. You can pay your respects to what they meant to you, but you have to bury them! End the connection between you and the perpetrators of your pain, now!

Sometimes, it is nobody from the exterior; sometimes, you are hurting your own soul! And what has to go is the old you, the little you, the inexperienced you. Even if you have made mistakes, now, it is time to move on. Build a New World on the knowledge that you have gained with that great affliction and that inner torment! Those who experience hell, in their minds, deserve a heaven. You already have been through so much! Let go! And if you do not know how – learn!

What will never fail us is what we are, at our core, our identity! But even that is always changing, as we are not a pre-given product, but a becoming-one. You can choose today to shift at 180 degrees. You can make your life a masterpiece of growth! It is not about them; it is about you! Let go of what has been killing you inside: you do not really need it! How do I know that? Because we are joy! Joy and love – that is our essence!


Awakening to Fire

“Now, I feel a new flow of positive energy, of swag, and I feel an inner push that tells me: “Do not prefer comfort over growth! You have to face utter loneliness, you have to raise money to go back to him! No matter what you find on the other side, no matter what your twin might do to hurt you or to crush you, you have the power of you. Stand in your own strength! Your life still has a purpose, in the midst of it all, you must do what you feel deep down in your heart, because that was given to you and only you can accomplish it!”

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Awakening to Fire