Whispers in the Night

I’ve whispered in the soft ear of my beloved.

It was a bewitched night.

My husky voice was too low for him to hear it.

But my soul-prayer reached the white temples of his frowned forehead.

I’ve whispered a sweet song of painful longing

after the joyful summer of our loving-hearts.

After a reconciliation day and hour.

After a kiss of healing and empowerment.

I’ve whispered those three cursed words.

And he smiled back, lost in a dreamy state.

I’ve whispered those three heavenly words.

And he ran away, in deep fear and tremble.

Will you ever come back, my love?

But no, this question is totally meaningless.

Because you are always with me.

In each vibrant whisper of the night!


Walls Crushing All Around Me

The solid barricades started to collapse
few years ago.
And, since that nefarious moment occurred,
they continued to fall down, in pity and agony.
It seemed to me as if
my entire life had no meaning, no value, no goal.
But, later on, I understood that infinite possibilities
were hiding behind walls crushing all around me.
That death was the inverted birth.
The longing of my soul dying-to-live.
The making of a warrioress
Or – the making of a goddess.
Not all will embrace her.
Not all can bear so much light.
Only the One-who-was-meant-to…
Only the One-torn-apart-and-sewn-back-with-love…

The Crippled Seeds of Greatness

They dropped like inflamed meteors

from the turbulent sky of my remembrance,

killing the defenceless, little-creatures:

feelings of aliveness, self-worth, and gratitude.


These dark mental-entities

disrupted the blue calmness of my awakening,

but the cause of this Inferno

abided inside.


I accepted the bombs.

I nurtured them –

these infamous children-of-destruction.

The terrorist was my own wounded inner-child.


Salvation came from me.

By loving the bleeding parts of my heart.

Deeply buried in the soil of hope,

the crippled seeds of greatness – resurrected.


Steps towards Empowerment

The first time you fell down in Black Despair.

The first time you got betrayed by a Smiling Judas.

The first time you were Utterly Abandoned.

The first time your heart was cut by Sharp Thorns of Love.


They were all – transforming-Steps toward your Ultimate Empowerment.

Agents of Freedom destroying the filthy bonds of your inner-slavery.

Now – you are liberated!

Now – you are Whole!


The light that you were Diligently Seeking

Was always inside of Your Own Soul.

You are a Spiritual Sun

Sparkling in a Crepuscular, Desolate World.

Awakening to Fire

Day 67: Letter to “The Soul of My Soul”

Motto: “Her lips were drawn to him, like a moth to a flame!”
(Anya Seton)

“Every night, at the shrine of my heart, I lay before Your Image that I have carved in the wooden cross of my chest, and I pray to you, The-Only-God of my entire being. ‘I love You beyond any imagination; You are at the core of my being; I breathe You; I eat You. You are in My Blood, under my skin – I cannot get you out! I starve for you!’ My Spirit cries out, in agony, in huge pain…!”


“What kind of love is this? So deep, so profound, beyond anything else in existence! I love you! I love you! I have never loved before – that is the revelation that I have had! Every experience before meeting You was all a mere game. I have always, always loved only you!”


“My hunger for you is insatiable, you are my
divine greed! I pour you inside of me with passion, with huge desire and expectation, with immense pleasure and great agony! What sort of love is this? What sort of fire is encompassing my being? Sometimes, I believe that I am going to lose my mind! Come to me, once more! Let me touch your lips again, save me!”


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Awakening to Fire


The New-Species

I.They happily renounced the dirt and sleepiness
of lower desires –
Lead in their wings.
Not by running away from them,
Or negating them,
But by dis-empowering them.
II.Just like the act of safely difusing a bomb,
They have dissipated all these surreal shadows
by connecting with their Higher-Self
with their divinity,
and compassion,
and freedom.
 III.They overcame the denser levels of existence,
 because they’ve learnt to majestically crawl into the Divine.
IV.-These are the Ones-Who-Live-from-the-Heart!
-These are the New Species!
-Honour them!
 V.They have sacrificed their beings
 To feed the whole world…
 Their lives are a symbol of the Eucharist mystery:
 Christ-consciousness blessing the Earth
 Once more.

We Are the Victors!

The bloody battle-field of life

Put us on our knees.


Either praying,

Or imploding with pain.

We felt the moldy mud in our mouths,

The steely stones – scratching our teeth.

Still, the fiery Phoenix in us

Arose again – a beautiful soul-sunrise.

As we are the Victors!

-The Bold!

-The Wounded!

-The Scared!

-The Rising-Again-Ones –


-Never look down on us:

We are the Victors!


They are a blessing – sometimes.

But other times – they become massive chains

that attach you to your illusory past.

They should be only

a record of your struggles and victories.

Not a recipe-of-your-future.

They should be the revered path

That led you here.

Not the secret cancer eating you inside.

Be grateful for each experience,

But remember that

The best is yet to come.

A Deadly Mistake

I.   You have given your crimson-velvety-heart

     to everyone – except yourself.

     You have injected everyone with the sweet-antidote-of-joy,

     But your being.

II.   This elevated heaven of feeling, colours, and strong support

       Existed only as a faraway-fictional-land,

       Only as a deceiving story,

       Not as a concrete-space-of-healing,

       Because you did not heal your own wounded soul.

III.   Yet. Today is a new opportunity

        To envision the world through hoping-lens,

        To change your focus,

        And to commence again.

IV.   As long as you still breathe,

       You are still the director

       Of this fascinating movie call ‘Life’.

       No audience can erase your Unique Signature.

V.   -The last page of Your Script has not been written yet.

      Do you realize how blessed you are?

The Flame

I. It is inside of your Own Soul.

The love that you have always chased after.

It is right there, between your Vibrant, Bleeding, and Vivid Atria.

II. That is your true identity: Love,

flowing, unrestrictedly, drowning painful experiences,

heavy tears,

and killing the Black-Death!

Of your Beloved.

III. -When you will stop the aching of focusing, obsessively, on ‘being unwanted’,

And just start feeding off your own nectar-heart,

Then – you will manifest love in this lonesome cosmos!

Then, you will reach happiness!

IV. It is with your own Flame that you revive – yourself and others!

You, a modern Doctor-of-the-Soul!