Walls Crushing All Around Me

The solid barricades started to collapse
few years ago.
And, since that nefarious moment occurred,
they continued to fall down, in pity and agony.
It seemed to me as if
my entire life had no meaning, no value, no goal.
But, later on, I understood that infinite possibilities
were hiding behind walls crushing all around me.
That death was the inverted birth.
The longing of my soul dying-to-live.
The making of a warrioress
Or – the making of a goddess.
Not all will embrace her.
Not all can bear so much light.
Only the One-who-was-meant-to…
Only the One-torn-apart-and-sewn-back-with-love…

The Queen of Swords

Is the One to make peace.

As she knows what war is.

She remembers the acute pain of cutting

somebody’s arm, leg, or soul.

She has been wounded, also.

You admire the beauty of her white bride-dress,

but you do not see the scars

hidden behind that attractive veil.

So, the blood spilt on the altar of shrinking-dreams

taught her to respect


She is brave, and she does not waver

when she must go to the battle-field.

But, still, she prefers the dandelions,

raising themselves to the sky

in a wind-blow of desires and hopes.

-The Queen of Swords is

the sacrificial lamb.

The bread that is being broken

for all the hungry beings

in the universe.

Love her, worship her, protect her!