Awakening to Fire

“In the now, I have no enemies, only friends. The warrior, the wounded, the slave, the addict, the avenger, “the happy”, “the sad”, all these instances of the ego exist only in the present. In the now, I am one with everybody, I am one with God and I clearly see that I am eternal, because I am The Ultimate Observer! I am The Will, I am Consciousness itself. I have no regrets and no goals; I only know that I am meaningful.”

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Awakening to Fire


Facing the Shadow-Self

To know yourself is to face your own shadows and light, and to go beyond the labeling aspect of existence, in the essence of your identity – what you choose in the now moment. It is as simple as this. You are more than a perception of what is considered to be moral, or immoral; you are more than an isolated act that you have committed; you are more than even your self-past-construction, or your social mask. No human being is completely bad, or – completely good. We all have things we struggle with, and we all have made mistakes. Still, what defines us is our level of consciousness, and what we choose to become, not a certain moral pattern.

It is important to respect the rules of the culture we live in; anarchy is not the solution. But, we also have to grasp the fact that we are not defined by society’s desires, or expectations, but by our own level of awareness which is always connected to the divine. The greatest judge is hiding inside of you! The greatest reward is abiding inside of your own being! As you are a human being that has also a spiritual dimension, you have the capacity to feel, intuitively, what is wrong, and what is right. If society teaches you something that your consciousness says is wrong, then you should listen to your consciousness.

In the past, people did a lot of awful things that were legal, at that time. Slavery is one of them; so just the fact that society approves of something does not guarantee that it is moral, also. What is the solution, then? Should we live outside this world? No. The key is to balance the tendency to adapt to society with the tendency to remain one’s self. We must keep our originality, while living among other humans. We must keep lit our own inner light! We must try to be happy, while elevating others!

In this context, facing your shadow-self is extremely important, as it leads to self-healing, and that guides you towards inner balance. And if you have attained that you can function properly in an insecure world; you have the basis of a healthy life! But what does it mean to face your shadows? It means to be honest in relation to your current state of being. It means acknowledging your flaws and faults. It means accepting your wounds and needs. It means taking action-steps towards your healing. Accepting your shadow does not mean making a cult for either your positive side or for your negative side. It means seeing yourself as a whole, and balancing your opposing tendencies for the greatest good of your own being and of others. What will be the result of these strenuous efforts? A happier ‘you’.

Being spiritual is a part of this journey of self-healing; having a ‘soul-mate’, or a ‘twin-flame’ is an opportunity of change and growth. Most believe that it is about being romantically involved with their significant other; but, ultimately, it is not. You may never have a human relationship with a person with which you have a soul-connection, because that is not its main purpose. The essential is the mirroring aspect involved by that connection, as only by seeing who you truly are, at your core, you can truly heal. The essential is your becoming. The essential is your own awakening. These are the pillars on which you will build your existence.

Your beloved may never want to face his or her true self. Does that mean that you also have to remain in that state? No! If you consider yourself to be awake, (not ‘more awake’, more ‘awakened’, and so on!), then you must know that even if the entire world goes on the wrong path, you must still walk on the right one. Even if all forgot that they have a divine purpose, you cannot forget it! Even if nobody teaches the truth, and nobody guides others towards the true self-mastery, (which is never about the other’s actions!), still you have to do it, if you are AWAKENED!

So, what is the conclusion? Instead of chasing around false expectations, you should have the guts to accept what the Mirror is reflecting back unto you. An expanded consciousness knows that this spiritual journey is not about labeling, nor about anything from the exterior, but about what you have always been – your true identity: love, wisdom, and power! Stop playing dead! Step into your power!

Awakening to Fire

“There comes a time when you must realize that you have to heal from every single bad thing that has ever happened to you, even from the wounds caused by your twin. The connection with your twin is only a reflection of the inner connection with God. The inner connection cannot be destroyed, but if the outward reflection contains a high level of toxicity, then you must get rid of that toxicity, still keeping in your heart a place for your twin, as for any other human being!

Why you must do that? You must do it because healing the world starts with self-healing! You pretend that you are a twin-flame, that you heal the world, what about you? You are suffocated with pain and you pretend to be a healer? Do not get me wrong! The only way out is to heal others and to heal yourself simultaneously. You cannot wait to help others until you are healed yourself, but you must initiate both processes.”

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Awakening to fire

Awakening to Fire

When you realize that you live for God, not for a human being, then you are free! You understand that you have lost nothing, as long as you did not lose God. Day by day, work for your “resurrection”. There are thousands of ways to recover, the first is always forgiveness. What they have done to you might seem unforgivable, but you must affirm out loud that you forgive them, although they do not deserve it and then, say also that you forgive yourself, although you do not deserve it either. The second step is to live in the now moment. Embrace everything that is happening to you. Receive and give happiness and love other human beings. If you cannot practice unconditional love with your twin, practice it with other human beings! It is never in vain!

Another important thing: do not get trapped by self-pity. They have left me because I am not beautiful enough, smart enough, because I am not educated, like them, because I have children, because, because, because! No. Your twin has run away from you because of himself/herself. Your twin has rejected you because of himself/herself. You have put the mirror in front of them and they are so scared of their own “ugliness” that they run or reject or both! Remember what they have told you, every single painful word and know that they actually have said that to themselves. In your presence, they are exposed, they become vulnerable. You are their greatest “nightmare”!

Make plans. It is very important to keep your mind focused on future plans of joy and fulfillment. It can be anything. Buy a new house, visit a special place, raise a child. Anything. You have to have a sense of control and dignity, a sense of purpose. Without these things you will become a wreck, emotionally and you cannot let what has happened to you cripple you! Always believe in yourself and in your purpose. Soon, you will be out of the pit, celebrating the victory! Your pain will be vanished, your scars – nonexistent. You will have only you from your past experience, that is all that you will take with you. A powerful, forgiving, loving You. A you like God.

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Awakening to Fire


What Is Karma?

We have so much information on this subject, but how accurate is it? There are so many theories that, in fact, delay the advancement of someone’s personal growth. Many sustain that karma is a punishment; and that you have karma with people, and thus, that you were meant to have a relationship with them, and to experience pain; that suffering is inevitable.

Although suffering is a part of life, it is not its final destination. Also, the ideas that you have to be in relationship with a certain person that is causing you distress, or that you cannot escape a toxic situation, because you have a soul-contract with him or her – all these are false!

The only soul-contract that you have is with yourself. Only you know what you need to experience in order to grow. The vehicle through which the lesson comes to you is not important! How do I know that? I know it, because I have observed how things develop. In life, if you do not change, you will experience the same thing, not because you have another soul-contract with the new person, but because that is the energy of you – that is what you are creating. When you change, everything changes around you. And that is karma: the opportunity of growth; you leaping from one level of consciousness to another one.

Karma is just a fancy word for an eternal soul-expansion. We evolve (hopefully!) as long as we live. Growth becomes karma only when you are refusing to grow. If you extend your consciousness, and if you change – you are not trapped by karma, as you do not feel the burden of it. Karma is just a perspective. Karma is not you being punished; karma is you seeing yourself as punished. Karma is not God, or the universe working against you; karma is you working against you.

Ultimately, the one who can keep you bound is yourself. Ultimately, the one who can liberate you is your own self! You do not suffer because you have karma with a person, situation, or place. You suffer because you choose to remain in that energy of suffering, lack, and self-distrust! If you understand this, you comprehend life, and you can master it. You will not suffer, anymore, because certain people who only keep you down refuse to take responsibility for their actions. You will take responsibility for your own life, so pain will end. You will not complain that others mistreat you; you will simply stop that type of behaviour!

And this goes for everyone and everything: family, friends, soul-mates, and twin-flames! The labels differ, but the essence is the same: we are all humans; we are all spiritual beings; we are all capable of offering love; we are all worthy of receiving love; we are all responsible for the persons we become and for the quality of our own lives! No excuses!

Unconditional love does not mean that you have to tolerate evil; to perpetrate it, indirectly. Unconditional love is ‘you being you’, meanwhile allowing the other to do the same – without judgment, bitterness, or expectations. Unconditional love is being honest about what you need, what you can offer, and about if you can create a healthy space of healing and further growth around yourself and around the other. Letting the other treat you badly is not unconditional love, but dysfunction. This society created a false image about love, in order to control us, and make us weak. It is your choice if you will accept the truth, and awaken, or still remain asleep, and wounded, and split. What do you choose? Do you realize how powerful you are?

-Your karma, or destiny, is not what happens to you, but what you make of it!

Awakening to Fire

“I have started to feel a deep, deep love inside of me, that is for me, for all humanity and for my twin included. It is as if all bitterness fell off, and along with it, the death of lies and conditions, all negativity went away. I had to experience this! I had to experience the darkest of the darkest nights of the soul, in order to realize that all my fears were just an illusion.
The fear that everything that I love will be taken away from me and that I will be devastated, the fear of rejection and abandonment, the fear of pain itself. The fear of being lied to and ridiculed, taunted and despised, cheated upon, hurt, broken and utterly alone. They all happened to me and I did not die, I did not lose my mind, I did not commit suicide. I am still here, working on myself, fighting for my dreams. I was not wrong. My twin was not wrong. We both went separate ways because we both needed different experiences in order to grow.”
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Awakening to Fire

“Now, I feel a new flow of positive energy, of swag, and I feel an inner push that tells me: “Do not prefer comfort over growth! You have to face utter loneliness, you have to raise money to go back to him! No matter what you find on the other side, no matter what your twin might do to hurt you or to crush you, you have the power of you. Stand in your own strength! Your life still has a purpose, in the midst of it all, you must do what you feel deep down in your heart, because that was given to you and only you can accomplish it!”

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Awakening to Fire

What Is Awakening?

11:11 – again! I have been observing these repetitive number-patterns, for quite a long time, now! It all started when my spiritual awakening accelerated! People do not know much about what spiritual awakening represents. They are scared of the concept, thinking that it is a sort of New Age thing, being part of a cult’s dogma, or something similar to this! But there is nothing else more false than that perception!
Everybody goes through an awakening, at a certain point, in life. When you abandon the old you, and you either discover, or recreate a new you, then you undergo symbolical death and resurrection, namely you go through a process of awakening! Awakening constitutes the act of peeling off all the dysfunctional layers of your being, and going to the next level of consciousness. Healing your wounds and integrating the unconscious parts of yourself, becoming whole – imply an inner awakening.
But what is the vehicle of awakening? Most often, one awakens through pain, or distress, at some existential level. If you analyse all great historic personalities, you will understand that they all had to face colossal challenges. Is that aspect only a coincidence? I do not think so! The fragile seed of greatness must, first, be buried, in total darkness, in order for it to sprout, later on!
Additionally, love triggers change, also, as it activates one’s emotions, and those intense feelings influence everything, including the ability to create. The heart center is more than the area of an organ’s physical presence, in the body. It is a major creative tool – that is why so many artists, or even scientists, have greatly influenced humanity. They acted from their intuition, and they have chiseled those deeds by means of good information, and by further experimenting, testing the value of their theories.
What is the purpose of awakening, though? Having access to a higher level of consciousness, becoming the greatest version of yourself, and, of course, uplifting humanity. You do not awaken only for yourself. You awaken for the entire mankind, and you have the responsibility to help other’s ascension.
-Did you awaken, yet?
-I am just following the steps of those who walked before me, in desiring to find out my true identity, in allowing change to happen, and in letting my heart open-wide.

Awakening to Fire

“Being balanced means embracing the dark in you, the dark in other beings, the darkness in all humanity. It means not to have a separate thought process about life and happiness, it means not to be split, it means to understand that everything was not meant to destroy you, but to build you up, that you are a victor, in every second of your life, not just in the happy moments. It means to live in forgiveness and that is so difficult! It includes not pushing people away because they are not perfect, because they are not defined by a moment in time, but they are trapped in a process of becoming and you cannot judge them by a mistake they have made. No matter how big that mistake may have been, you cannot define them by that! You are void, they are nothingness and this is the supreme truth.”

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Awakening to Fire

The Boomerang of Love

Weak people – fear it.

Cowards – run away from it.

Innocents – desire it:

the Boomerang of Love,

the ultimate fidget-spinner,

mixing your Night and Day,

Yin and Yang,

helping You to focus

on what truly matters.

See, when you release it,

in the unknown,

it will produce some chaos,

wounding fragile walls,

bringing safe-Towers to the ground!

Still, in this process,

it will spin the darkness,

and transmute it

into little light-sparks.

When it will come back,

100 times more powerful,

you will feel the bruise

right in your Heart-Centre,

as nobody can escape unharmed.

But that bleeding-opening

will explode into a rainbow of renewed emotions,

flowing from every single cell

of your being.

-The Boomerang-of-Love is