The Tragedy of Disconnectedness

As humans – we need love, playfulness, and interaction. But this era draws us apart from each other, more and more. Technology was meant to sustain us, and to make our lives easier, but if we analyse the effects of it, we will see its dark side, also: alienation. We are so linked to the Internet, and computers, and virtual world that we feel less the need of others, the need of a powerful qualitative intercommunication. Escapism has become a way of living, but a dangerous one.

We need our personal space and meditation time, but, still, we are not made for loneliness. We need other people; and other people need us. In order to stay human, we must stay united, as only by sharing and receiving love – we can maintain our humanity. Being human is not about having two legs and two arms, but about the level of consciousness, creativity, passion, and compassion that we experience and manifest. We are not hole puppets. We are made for love. And love needs an object that would reflect that back. That is why humans live in societies. That is why humans form families. That is why humans need soul-intimacy.

This concept is so powerful that it requires our full attention. Because every day you are growing towards something. And the question is: “Are you growing towards oneness, love, positive vibes, or, on the contrary, towards segregation, dissension, alienation?” This becoming involves your final outcome: if your life was worth living, or not. You need to do something, in order to honour existence; it is not sufficient to just survive! Who are you, now? What are you becoming?