Whispers in the Night

I’ve whispered in the soft ear of my beloved.

It was a bewitched night.

My husky voice was too low for him to hear it.

But my soul-prayer reached the white temples of his frowned forehead.

I’ve whispered a sweet song of painful longing

after the joyful summer of our loving-hearts.

After a reconciliation day and hour.

After a kiss of healing and empowerment.

I’ve whispered those three cursed words.

And he smiled back, lost in a dreamy state.

I’ve whispered those three heavenly words.

And he ran away, in deep fear and tremble.

Will you ever come back, my love?

But no, this question is totally meaningless.

Because you are always with me.

In each vibrant whisper of the night!


Awakening to Fire

Conversations with the Higher Self (2)

‘I was thinking about the fact that I will never be able to forgive my twin. I perceive this clear, profound and precise voice, inside of me.

Until you will be ready to forgive your twin, you will not be able to forgive yourself!

“What do you mean? I don’t understand anything! Elaborate, please!”

What I mean is that you also need forgiveness, and until you are not ready to forgive another human being, you did not understand anything, and you will never be able to forgive yourself, you will never be able to find healing!

“How can I forgive others? How can I forgive myself? It is hard!”

You must understand that if they have hurt you, it doesn’t mean that they do not love you! They just functioned at the capacity that they have had at that moment! By judging them, you cut them from being; you allow them <<not to grow>>, and what you must comprehend is that the Source Itself wants you to receive love at the level that the Source is loved, so that you’ll be ready to understand the Source. You also need to transform your humanity, you need to grow. If you judge somebody, you cut them from being, and you doom them; you allow them not to grow;  you kill them;  you kill their becoming and most important, you do not remain in love. You separate yourself from The Source. You have to give up all judgment, and you have to spread love.

“I start to understand but many people commit so many errors, and if you do not apply judgment, they will believe that whatever they do, it is a good act; they will confound evil and good!”

Evil and good do not exist. There are only some moral precepts specific to certain levels of development.

“Then, how should I know what to do if there is no absolute moral behaviour?”

Growth has nothing to do with a certain moral conduct. Moral conduct imitates love. People need it, because they don’t love. If they would love, they would not need a set of rules to guide them. The more you abide in form, the less you experience and manifest love!

“That sounds sinful! Like an encouragement to sin. To break all rules. God would not say that! If You are God, you gave us the rules, now You come to us and tell us that rules are not good. How is that?”

If I gave the rules, then I have all the right to change them, but if man gave them, they are no good anyhow!

“What’s your idea? What do you want to bring new into this world?”

I want to shake once more the world and its foundations. To awaken everybody to their true identity. To make them experience the truth!

“What is The Truth?”

That they are never separated from The Source.

“If they are never separated from The Source, then why is there so much pain in the world? What kind of Source are you?”

The Source is never pain in the way people think. God is not responsible for everything that you experience, because you are a co-creator of your own reality! You must assume responsibility!

“Then you are not The Absolute!”

The Source is not a tyrant; you have to wake up! To give up all these stories of an angry god that punishes everybody! These ideas were created by man and, they come from fear and self-judgment! God doesn’t judge anybody! Everybody chooses their own path and everything happens for spiritual development! You must comprehend that by judging your twin, (we have begun from this point!), you are asleep; you are not awake!

“If I know You, then I am awake!”

Awakening is not a moment in time; it is not a revelation, but a state of being! You are awakened when you are in alignment with The Ultimate Truth, that is, being One with The Source! You are growing in awakening, if that makes sense to your mind!

“I am trying to understand!”

Try not to judge! Anybody! Each person has a unique path! You must follow your own; you must grow at your pace rate; you must find happiness now!”

“You’ve killed me with this now. I have nothing now! How can I be happy now?”

Happiness is not having. It is maintaining your clear mind. It is the peace of mind. Your peace of mind creates your external happiness, not the other way around!

“You’ve lost me here! What should I do now?”

Learn to maintain the peace of mind! Stop aggressing yourself with words and actions! Ask yourself where the place that you are not in alignment with yourself is! Stop judging! Meditate! Create joy! Be peaceful!”

“Be free! Be limitless!

Awakening to Fire

“I am enough! I am enough! I deserve to be loved! This is the truth, and seeing it has helped me already. Am I going to be able to heal? Yes! How? If in my own consciousness, in my own energetic field, I have encoded with my own hands: ‘You are not enough!’ I must strive to self-heal, although I have no idea how to do it! The way I feel is iconic for our era!

We all believe that we are the by-product of someone else’s bad choices! We all believe that we are the victims of our environment and circumstances! We all believe that we cannot change our lives for good! We are all able to do it, and I, being on the road towards self-healing, add to the healing of the entire humanity!What you do, today, for yourself, will mark humanity forever!”

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Awakening to Fire


Awakening to Fire

Day 68: The Valley of the Shadows of Death

Motto: “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”
(Franklin D. Roosevelt)

‘Though I walk through the Valley of the Shadows of Death, I will fear no evil, because I am with me! I have always feared being alone, and now that I am truly alone, in the most authentic way, I have realized that I have still value; that fear is useless, because I was loved from the beginning of Time. We cannot lose what is ours – and knowing that releases us from any kind of fear-bondage! What is meant to go – will go; what is meant to stay – will stay; and if by chance what was meant to stay – goes, then it will come back! What was meant to love you, will love you until the very end, no matter how developed you are or not; no matter how beautiful you are or not – because it is not dependent on outward circumstances!

In the darkest night of the Soul, I whisper to myself: Faint not! Hold on! Tomorrow comes the Song, the Joy! Or how a friend of mine would say: <<Mon cher, wait! Patience!>>’

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Awakening to Fire

‘When you are trying to make it happen, it will not happen. You resist the Universe. You must do your inner work and accept what is happening. Create space around the connection, and then stay in truth and unconditional love. Share unconditional love and embrace the love you receive (conditional or unconditional). Give up sorrow in the now moment; search for joy: this is how you diminish resistance to the universal plan. Believe that God will take you where you must be; and, in His own timing, He will give you fulfillment. Follow your vision. Remember that the purpose comes above the person, but the person must self-love, in order to get there (at the fulfillment of the purpose). Stay in the truth; be totally transparent with others and with yourself!

The connection in itself does not represent much without the self-purge and cleansing. We are not here for a person; we are here for the entire humanity. You can deeply love someone else that is not your twin, and still have this connection with your twin. These situations are not exclusive. You can have this connection, and still have chemistry with other people, because this connection is not about chemistry or human-relational love; it is not even about your significant other, but it is about stripping yourself to the core of you, and about destroying deceit. It is about being totally transparent. That will feel like death in the beginning; that will kill you in the beginning, but it will heal you in the end.’

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Awakening to Fire

Day 67: Letter to “The Soul of My Soul”

Motto: “Her lips were drawn to him, like a moth to a flame!”
(Anya Seton)

“Every night, at the shrine of my heart, I lay before Your Image that I have carved in the wooden cross of my chest, and I pray to you, The-Only-God of my entire being. ‘I love You beyond any imagination; You are at the core of my being; I breathe You; I eat You. You are in My Blood, under my skin – I cannot get you out! I starve for you!’ My Spirit cries out, in agony, in huge pain…!”


“What kind of love is this? So deep, so profound, beyond anything else in existence! I love you! I love you! I have never loved before – that is the revelation that I have had! Every experience before meeting You was all a mere game. I have always, always loved only you!”


“My hunger for you is insatiable, you are my
divine greed! I pour you inside of me with passion, with huge desire and expectation, with immense pleasure and great agony! What sort of love is this? What sort of fire is encompassing my being? Sometimes, I believe that I am going to lose my mind! Come to me, once more! Let me touch your lips again, save me!”


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Awakening to Fire

‘If your twin broke you, consider that an opportunity to love more deeply; to forgive them, and to embrace them for who they are, not for who you want them to be; to give them the freedom to choose their own path, and for you to manifest your real nature, godliness or unconditional love. If your human twin-flame story ended badly, do not believe that you are a failure! You could never be a failure! There is a reason for what is happening to you or for everything that has ever happened to you! It is hard to see what that purpose is when you are trapped in your humanity, but if you connect with the inner you, then you will find out! The true guru is inside of you! You are divine!

“And if we are divine, why do we commit so many atrocities?” you may ask. “Why do we have wars and why do we kill and rob and steal? Why do suffering and misery and pain exist?” The answer is simple. To exacerbate our true essence: love and happiness! On this earthly realm, nothing can exist, but in opposites. So is evil necessary? No, but the experience of duality is. Who cares about duality? The Higher Spirit! Why do we struggle for union, if duality and separation are good things? We must once more work towards union; we must experience humanity and separation – and then, divinity and union. Can anyone guarantee you that you and your twin will ever be together? No, but you have the option of your own existence, and that is all! Never victimize yourself, crying your eyes out, because your twin does not want you or that you are separate or that some misfortune has happened to you! Learn your lesson, and move on! Your time on earth is limited, and you must bring into existence as much light as you can!


The more you love, the more you will be crucified, inwardly! Do not believe that if you love someone with your entire heart, and you are a man or woman of character, they will respond with the same amount of love. The rule is: the more you love, the more you will be crucified internally! The human ego needs to be killed, until shadow and light become one! The union is, first of all, reached inside! It is a state of consciousness, where you are not separate from any phenomena that ever existed or is in existence! You are not separated from your twin, from your twin’s lover; you are not sad or happy – you are both; you are a melange; you contain in yourself every potentiality, and all is “good”. When nothing bothers you anymore, when the pain does not paralyze you anymore, when it has become equal whether you will ever be with your twin or not, when you embrace all humanity, then you have reached union! Then, miracles can happen! When you are able to embrace all shadows, in you and in others, then you have reached union, and you “need” nothing, anymore! You just take what is given to you! Both the venom and the honey! When you still suffer, because your twin is not with you, then your ego is still active, because you are in your humanity, not in your divinity! The gods do not care if they are forsaken! If you are one of them, why do you care? Is not that your humanity howling? To be able to escape this hell, you must be willing to surrender yourself to the Higher Spirit and to what is. There is no way out besides that! Just cling to the belief that you are eternally loved, no matter what your circumstances might be!’

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Awakening to Fire

Awakening to Fire

Motto: “Self-love is the source of all other loves.”

(Pierre Corneille)

‘I needed to be waited upon. Neither my twin, nor other soulmates ever waited for me. They loved themselves enough to move on with their lives. Only I remained stuck in a past full of pain! How little self-love! I am upset with me right now! I mean, I am so upset! Why did I ever put my expectations on another human being? Why did I love myself so little? It is because of all the voices that in childhood made me think that I am not worthy! From today onward, I am going to put myself first, and I am going to create my beautiful reality. I am going to chase nobody; I am going to run from nobody! I do not care who you are; I do not care that I have (once!) felt something for you; if you treat me wrong, you are going down!

Self-worth! I am not going to follow any set of rules. If you are with this person, you have to be with them! They might beat you up, but still you must be there for them, because so you have promised. I am so focused right now! I know what I want to achieve, and I am going to fight for it! I might have been weak yesterday, but today I am strong! I am mighty! I am powerful! I have not been true to myself.’

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Awakening to Fire


The Flame

I. It is inside of your Own Soul.

The love that you have always chased after.

It is right there, between your Vibrant, Bleeding, and Vivid Atria.

II. That is your true identity: Love,

flowing, unrestrictedly, drowning painful experiences,

heavy tears,

and killing the Black-Death!

Of your Beloved.

III. -When you will stop the aching of focusing, obsessively, on ‘being unwanted’,

And just start feeding off your own nectar-heart,

Then – you will manifest love in this lonesome cosmos!

Then, you will reach happiness!

IV. It is with your own Flame that you revive – yourself and others!

You, a modern Doctor-of-the-Soul!