Forgiving is to Be Aware

We all suffered an injustice. Either if it was an exterior circumstance, like getting fired or betrayed by a friend or lover, or an inner wound, such as unrequited love, we all felt the burn of a soul-cut. We all blamed others. We all experienced the feelings of rage and bitterness. We all regretted the occurrence, the fact that we opened-up to those people, and we all wanted to go back in time to change our ‘stupid’ decisions.

But, just ponder, for a moment: did you gain something from that incident? Did you become stronger, wiser, more loving towards your own being? If yes, then, let regrets go! You have chosen, at a soul-level, to go through that, even if you cannot comprehend it with your human mind, because you needed to change. Even if they meant your harm, in 3D, they have, in fact, propelled you towards your true essence: that of a victor!

Forgiving is to be aware that your happiness happens through growth, and growth happens through people and difficult situations. There is no need to be upset – for too long… It would be just as a tragicomic scene, in which a kid is crying because he fell while learning to cycle. It might have been painful, but the fun came after that. It is the same, at a spiritual level. Forgive and forget! Keep only the lesson; let the rest go!

The secret of existence is not the absence of pain, but the transformation of everything. Metamorphosing the venom in medicine will make you what you were meant to be: a Master. Did you let go, or are you still holding unto the past?


Awakening to Fire

Day 33: The Psychological Pit

Motto: “Good night, good night! Parting is such sweet sorrow, that I shall say good night till it be morrow.” (William Shakespeare)

‘I have realized something. I was speaking with the person that I have recently met, let’s call him “My Friend”. I was speaking with My Friend about the healing process that I need to go through, and he said to me something amazing. He said, “The pit does not exist. We were never in the pit. We only believed we were!” It hit me, like lightning! We were never in the pit, because the pit does not exist. The pit is psychological. Everything that is happening to you right now, all the pain of the loss – is psychological. The pit does not exist, because it is something related to the past, first of all. The pit does not exist, because you exist, and if you exist, then hope still exists! You lost nothing essential, as long as you did not lose yourself. The pit exists only in your mind. You enforce it. You give it power to grow, and to entangle you, to destroy you! You destroy yourself, not your twin, no matter what they have chosen!

As long as you are in the pit, you are not able to see the truth. You are trapped in a weird psychological thread made of regrets, “love” (feelings), hate, despair, self-degrading gestures, and actions. Did your twin leave you? That’s their choice. What you do with your life is up to you. Nobody says that it does not hurt, but in order to heal, you must understand that you are responsible for your own life, for your own happiness; you decide how to live and whom you love, or whom to love no more… The pit is an image of the dark-self, full with fear, guilt, rejection, and desperation. As long as you maintain the psychological hell within you, you will create a world around you that will fit the frequency that you are emanating.

If there is one thing that you can do in the pit it is to love – everybody, unconditionally. It is what took me out of the pit. If you emanate love, then you will attract love, and by it you will break free of the ego-chain-projection. Love yourself and love others unconditionally – that is how you will get out of the pit. Enforce your spirit every day; because the mind is subject to the spirit, and no matter how deep might be the pain that you are feeling, your ego will follow your spirit, if you act not according to your ego, but to spirit. Spirit is love – the equation is so simple.

My loved ones, you must try not to hold any negative feelings against anybody, and if you are still struggling with it, then forget about it all – and just give love. Love represents the stairs from hell to heaven. From an inner, psychological pit to the most beautiful expression of freedom and well-being, which is in essence love – the emanation of a higher frequency? Don’t give up, fight on! Tomorrow comes the song!’


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Awakening to Fire

‘Motto: “Power is of two kinds. One is obtained by the fear of punishment and the other by acts of love. Power based on love is a thousand times more effective and permanent than the one derived from fear of punishment.” (Mahatma Gandhi)

I have started to have a different approach on life. On everything that is happening to me, and that I cannot change; on everything that hurts. Instead of fighting it, I accept it; I embrace it. Instead of crying to God, in bitterness and agony, I say a prayer of gratitude. I share my desires with God, or more often, I just express my situation, and ask for a solution, but it is not a real asking, begging, supplicating prayer. I pray only in the giving-thanks kind of prayer. It is in this kind of prayer that my spirit is elevated.

I give thanks for everything, for every single thing that there is – for having hands and ears, for being able to speak and move, for not having a terminal illness, for waking up, for the sun, for my mother and for my sister, for my brothers, for my nephews, for the sun and the rain, for the little, cute animals that exist, for everything! After that I find my inner peace! It is essential for my personal healing.’


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Awakening to Fire

We Are the Victors!

The bloody battle-field of life

Put us on our knees.


Either praying,

Or imploding with pain.

We felt the moldy mud in our mouths,

The steely stones – scratching our teeth.

Still, the fiery Phoenix in us

Arose again – a beautiful soul-sunrise.

As we are the Victors!

-The Bold!

-The Wounded!

-The Scared!

-The Rising-Again-Ones –


-Never look down on us:

We are the Victors!

Awakening to Fire

‘A possible answer to the question: “Why do we love?” We love if the person is beautiful; and we love even if the person is not so beautiful; we love if the person is rich; and we love even if the person is poor; we love not because of a human reason; we love “without a reason”; we give love as the ultimate affirmation of our true nature! Loving somebody does produce a light explosion in the other, but first of all, it explodes in you! It leads you to your true potential, because love is the ultimate mirror of your soul. Many people cannot abandon themselves to love, because they are afraid to find out who they truly are. Life, for them, is just a long, dark alley, and they sit in the corner, terrified to come out, terrified of their own beauty.

“Why would someone be terrified of beauty?” somebody might ask. They fear, because beauty is always correlated with pain; and people usually hate pain; they try to avoid it; they fight against it; and call the people that give themselves to pain – crazy! Their ego is so strong that they do not give love any chance to flower; they kill it from the very start! They are interested in money, in pleasure, in vice, in being mean; and they forget who they were, before coming here, on this earth. Love is the death of the ego; and ego is the death of love. Love is not a human, rational-based experience; love is transcendent, like a stream of electricity reflected through a bulb of glass. The bulb glass is the ego. If the glass is dirty, the perception of the light changes itself, because the bulb’s colour limits the manifestation of the light. So it is with love. The best we can do as non-human based entities, having a human experience, is to shed the bulb.

Only very few will actually manage to do that, because the process of brokenness is long-termed, and the “deeper man”, the “essence man” is always fighting the surface, the “shallow man”. Shedding the bulb is death; and to learn how to embrace death, in its purest, benign form is vital! That it is why I love you – because I am love and beauty and pain; and the process of cleansing the bulb just outlines my true essence. That is why I love you so much, because I am love infinite! Maybe you did not expect this answer, but it is just a possibility, out of many. The fact that I love you because of whom and what I am does not mean that you are unworthy of love or that your qualities are non-existent and I am just sacrificing myself for you; it means we reflect each other. I love you in order to manifest who I am; you love me, to manifest who you are. We are triangle in triangle, divine geometry.’

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Awakening to Fire

An Ordinary Day

 Motto: “Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life!” [Omar Khayyam]

There are days like these – ordinary – when, by definition, nothing spectacular happens! Still, life is a gift. Still, those boring days are an opportunity for your revelations to come to you. The sacred is manifested in the profane. You need to only wait – and see.

My best days were born out of simple days. I never expected the shift to happen, but it came. There are no ordinary days – every instant of your existence is magnificent and full of mystery. Learn how to appreciate the present moment, as in it both your past and your future meet.

You may think that you have no special gifts – but that, again, it is not true. If you exist, you are part of the Big Plan of the Divine. So try to live today with awareness and responsibility. Shine your light! Spread your knowledge, without becoming oppressive towards others, or controlling! Be ready to lose some belief systems; to encounter some emotional deaths, and to experience some revivals. The aftermath of this process will be a better you, a wiser you, a more compassionate you. A you – like God.

-Be grateful for this moment. This moment is your life!

How to ‘Desire’ – ‘without Pain’

Motto: “Love is happy when is able to give something. The ego is happy when is able to take.” [Osho]

Gautama Buddha said that there is a deep correlation between desiring something and being in pain. And if we meditate profoundly upon this matter, he is somewhat right. The peace of mind goes straight out the window once you start to feel love for someone, or better said, once you fall in love. The inner tranquility dissipates once you start deeply craving for something. It is so because only when you begin to want something or someone, you actually get to perceive the inner void caused by that lack, or absence.

So, what is the solution? Not desiring anything? But that is a paradox – impossibility. In this world, as long as you live, you will have feelings and desires. How about practicing non-attachment? This, also, seems like a misunderstood concept, if not like an entirely false one. It is absurd to say that you love something, and that you are not connected to it. What Buddha really meant is to desire with love. That is non-attachment: practicing every wish with love.

Let us think about falling in love. It is an amazing feeling, but why does it have to hurt – every-single-time? Love does not hurt – loving with conditions, expectations, oppression, and control brings pain into this complicated equation. If you renounce fear (all these conditions are fear-based!), then you can be pure-love, or you can simply love the other for the sake of the other. This sort of love does not hurt. Why not? Because you take responsibility for your own life; you give love to yourself, first; so, you do not offer love from a point of neediness, but from a place of power and beauty. This represents the main idea of Osho, in the following statement: “If you love a flower, don’t pick it up, because if you pick it up, it dies, and it ceases to be what you love. So, if you love a flower, let it be. Love is not about possession. Love is about appreciation.”

Or, how another great person put it: “You say that you love lobster. But what does that mean? It means you want to eat the lobster. So, if your love creates destruction, what sort of love is that? You don’t love the lobster. You love yourself.’ Good point. We have to reassess, and understand that love with expectations, or love with pain – is lobster-love. True-love means simply giving for the sake of giving. It does not require something in return.

But there is a dangerous idea in this statement, also! If you love someone unconditionally, and you take care of them unconditionally, and you do not do the same with your own being – that is not love, but dysfunction. You need to have the same attitude towards all, not only towards a ‘select-few’. You give love, because you are love, and that should reflect in every area of your life. You are love in relation to yourself, also, not only in relation to others. Living without pain is living with love. And that love must be all-encompassing, reaching everything and everyone, just like the sun.

You can apply the true-love only if you are inwardly balanced. If you are not in equilibrium, you will not be able to maintain this, as you are not that high energy. Love is energy, before anything else. Love is intent, before action. Love is perspective. If you have a wrong perspective about yourself, you will have a distorted view of everything. So, the first step to practicing real-love is fixing the relationship you have with yourself: loving yourself so much that you no longer feel the need to impose conditions on others. You no longer need to control and suffocate the object-of-your-love.

Can we live and desire without pain? Yes. Only by living with love. And the first human being you need to love is yourself! Then, you can take that and expand it, for the entire humanity. That is why sacrificing, in a soul-connection, does not function. You want to create and manifest a beautiful, balanced interaction – out of fear and self-hatred!

-Can you desire – without pain?

Awakening to Fire

Motto: ‘No one saves us but ourselves.

No one can, and no one may.

We ourselves must walk the path.’ (Buddha)

‘Searching for wisdom and strength inside of me – and feeling void. How is that possible? I am a twin! I am a twin, and I search for wisdom and strength inside of me – and void! Nothingness! If there is nothing left, no power in my humanity, how do I thrive?


-I feed on my divinity!’


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Awakening to Fire

Awakening to Fire

I do not know how much I will resist if this keeps on going. I need peace and tranquility and healing, but healing is so hard to attain and to maintain! There are so many layers of wounding, and they seem to never end! Everything that we experience is just a manifestation of our inner world. That is what we should change – the inner world, the Soul! We must learn our lessons, and we must progress!

I know that even in the pit of desperation, there is hope. If nobody else loves you, God loves you, and you must also love yourself! God can heal any wound, any kind of loss, and everything that was against us can actually work for our good! You must believe in your healing, before it can be manifested in outward reality! Healing is not hard, believing is…”

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Awakening to Fire

Awakening to Fire

I have understood something: God or The Higher Self will lead you into ways that you have never thought possible, by using your passion, or the passion of the person you love, or the hate of your enemies. Or dire circumstances. Or severe pain. There are goals to achieve, things to change, people to touch, and, sometimes, the attraction of your comfort zone is so high that you would not leave the place of both your comfort and doom unless highly and powerfully motivated. God will use anything to motivate you: the “giving” of your twin, or the “taking” of your twin. God will use love, betrayal and death. God will use any kind of existential aspect to make you change and act.

You must never fear to follow your heart, because God will use that to take you where you must be. God brought your twin in your life in order to break your life and give you the realization of yourself and of your identity, but sometimes the same God will take your twin away from you, and that is very hard to accept. It took me almost two years to understand that God is taking my twin away. Why? I could not understand… Why, if I was given such a beautiful gift, why is it being taken away? I do not fully understand even now, while I am writing this, but I had the illumination that nothing that happens to us is sent to break us, to destroy us, but to make us. God uses both our passion and our loss to position us exactly where we must be.

We have a divine purpose to fulfil and the road is not clear but sinuous. There are many stops and delays and some victories along the way! If you believe that only the victory is part of  the plan, then you will suffer enormously, and feel trapped in a cage of pain that will paralyze you. You will stop living, just like I did. You will refuse to love anybody else besides your twin; you will refuse to accept reality, and the truth may be that you have been rejected. Stop thinking that deep down they want you – as long as they are with somebody else, they do not. You can try to figure out how in the world can they reject such a gift, but the truth is they can. You can say that they are asleep, or whatever, but remember that even your twin is a tool with which you are being transformed, changed, from a caterpillar into a butterfly.

God will use the pain and your hopes to bring into your life the metamorphosis. Do not say that you were stupid to believe in your twin; it was the Higher Self guiding you into a path of self-denial and renunciation that few walk upon. You have become a martyr of the spirit, because you have sacrificed your ego on the altar of love. It is crucial to understand that sometimes a person was meant to come across your path to produce a change in you, or to ignite your passion, to give you power to start something, but they are not meant to stay. Only time will tell, and the idea that they were meant to be with us forever is like poison. It will prevent you from ever recovering from such a loss as the loss of your twin.”

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Awakening to Fire