Whispers in the Night

I’ve whispered in the soft ear of my beloved.

It was a bewitched night.

My husky voice was too low for him to hear it.

But my soul-prayer reached the white temples of his frowned forehead.

I’ve whispered a sweet song of painful longing

after the joyful summer of our loving-hearts.

After a reconciliation day and hour.

After a kiss of healing and empowerment.

I’ve whispered those three cursed words.

And he smiled back, lost in a dreamy state.

I’ve whispered those three heavenly words.

And he ran away, in deep fear and tremble.

Will you ever come back, my love?

But no, this question is totally meaningless.

Because you are always with me.

In each vibrant whisper of the night!


We Are the Victors!

The bloody battle-field of life

Put us on our knees.


Either praying,

Or imploding with pain.

We felt the moldy mud in our mouths,

The steely stones – scratching our teeth.

Still, the fiery Phoenix in us

Arose again – a beautiful soul-sunrise.

As we are the Victors!

-The Bold!

-The Wounded!

-The Scared!

-The Rising-Again-Ones –


-Never look down on us:

We are the Victors!