Awakening to Fire

‘I have to keep in mind that everything will be perfect – in the end! Eventually, all the problems will succumb, and I will find peace! How will I maintain my peace then, if I don’t practise it now, in the midst of it all? It is essential to find it now, and not be manipulated by people, circumstances, or sombre emotions!’
Awakening to Fire


Awakening to Fire

“God brought your twin in your life, in order to break it, and give you the realization of yourself and your identity, but sometimes, the same God will take your twin away from you, and that is very hard to accept! It took me almost two years to understand that God is taking my twin away…

God uses both our passion and our loss to position us exactly where we must be. We have a divine purpose to fulfill, and the road is not clear, but sinuous. There are some stops and delays, and some victories along the way! If you believe that only victory is part of the plan, then you will suffer enormously, and feel trapped in a cage of pain that will paralyze you. You will stop living, just like I did…

God will use the pain and your hopes to bring into your life the metamorphosis.”

Awakening to Fire

Thorns that Heal

Motto: “My scars remind me that I did indeed survive my deepest wounds. That, in itself, is an accomplishment. And they bring to mind something else, too. They remind me that the damage life has inflicted on me has, in many places, left me stronger and more resilient. What hurt me in the past has actually made me better equipped to face the present.” (Steve Goodier)

For a very long time, my budding-rose seemed cursed:

No petals, no perfume – only razor-sharped-thorns.

After many arguments with my barren flower,

I understood its role in my life.
Sometimes, love is nothing else but barbed-spines.

Big, frightening. Flesh-lacerating.

Their mission is not to please your soft heart.

They just break the illusions of neediness, weakness, and desertion.


Showing you that nothing can defeat you:

Isn’t that an awesome lesson?

Positioning you in your power:

What honeyed-kiss can overcome its healing power?


Love is the Cruel-Doctor-wounding-you!

To set you free…

-Then, I accept my thorns as my Great Love.

My utmost happiness!
-When you let go of your vision of how-the-Rose-should-be,

Of what-Love-should-be,

You will notice the corolla-blossoming in a rainbow.

You will see your soul-healing.
And the scented-Holy-Grail won’t be your decorative-flower.

Your Spirit will become the perfumed River-of-living-waters.

You’ll no longer beg.

You will feed yourself from within.
And, then, with your inverted-venom,

You will nourish others.

Those who can’t jump so high.

Those who were left behind.
-You’re no longer a widowed Rose.

You are a trampoline of growth and healing!


Awakening to Fire

​”The unconditional love is not an obsession with a certain person. It is not the emotional, earthly attachment to a human vessel. It is the attitude of the heart that allows you to hold everybody in your space, to treat them with respect and compassion, to give them permission to follow their own path, and the intrinsic liberty of your own happiness. It is a subtle dance between self-love and loving the other.”

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Awakening to Fire

My Smiling Reflection

​The evanescent shine of the soul-mirror reflects – 

the image of a Prepared-Bride.

She looks like everything I’m not:

patient, hopeful, and all-knowing.

My heavy carnal veil covers her,

but she is deeply engraved in the abyss-of-my-being,

Trapped by thousands of bones-of-love,

Sewn together by fresh-lianas-of-passion.

She is my healed self.

My Queen.

Coming, victoriously, in a golden palanquin

To her beautiful Beloved, waiting in the happiness-garden.

-My wife, my Queen, my goddess…

…is coming home! 

Awakening to Fire

“We hurt others because we are so hurt inside. It all comes from a place of fear and pain. What we can do is focus on our own healing, and although it may seem the most selfish thing, the reality is that we can never offer others something greater than a Healed Us, the greatest version of us!”

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Awakening to Fire

​A New Name

Motto: “Whoever has ears, let them hear what the Spirit says to the churches. To the one who is victorious, I will give some of the hidden manna. I will also give that person a white stone with a New Name written on it, known only to the one who receives it.” (Revelations 2:17)

When you truly understand who you are-

-a mighty personality,

a king, or a queen,

You let the cancerous fear go.

The beauty of you is unique.

As flawed as you may be!

The love that you are

Makes you appealing to those who are also Love.

Let nobody steal your identity!

People come and go-hurried passengers,

But the heart that you are seeking

Is already seeking you!

Divinity has not forgotten you!

All  corrosive tears were meant to make you failure-proof.

When you will learn to abide in your power,

When you will honour your own being,

Then, domineering chains will start falling…

Open wounds will commence to close…

Heavenly wings will begging to grow…

…And in a split-second you will be soaring!

Above the restrictive addictions and pain,

Above all shadows.


Will be your new name!

Awakening to Fire

“Many confound desire and passion with true love, but Love is neither! Love is the only thing without a name. It incarnates in people, usually producing ‘heart-quakes’ in them. It is something that changes you profoundly, elevating you through Pain and Tears – mixed with Deep Joy!”

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Awakening to Fire

In the Solitude

​Motto: “Dance, when you’re broken open./Dance, if you’ve torn the bandage off./Dance, in the middle of the fighting./Dance in your blood.” [Rumi]

I’ve grown like a cursed plant-

in the simmering solitude.

My days were desolate

and my nights-frosty.

Above my wounded being-a limitless sky,

was shining in the dark.

Those guru-stars revealed to me

the way back to my genuine self.

They neither complained, nor cried!

Simply – gave away their light.

And lived to illumine others,

as violet, vibrant flames – burning.

They’ve grown like cursed seeds of infinity,

guiding me to embrace my essence:

A solitary spark innumerably broken, 

feeding, healing, and awakening 

the sleeping-beauties.

-You’ve grown like a blessed, scented flower-bud.

Awakening to Fire

“I have started a thorny, spiritual quest, on this road to self-healing. One of the issues that I have observed is my constant fear, inwardly rooted in my need of people. They are correlated, in the most intimate way. Why do I keep my old, dysfunctional relationships, when I feel inside of me that they are not what I truly need: that they do not feed the most important parts of my soul? Because of a monstrous, dingy fear; because of my acute, piercing need of people.”

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Awakening to Fire