Awakening to Fire

A daily quote from my Romance Novel, Awakening to Fire:

“I did not understand everything yet, but what I comprehended is that the twin-flame connection is not outside of yourself and the union does not happen outside. The twin-flame is just another state of consciousness, of enlightenment and in order to take it in and to manifest it outside of yourself, you must go on a personal journey, that has nothing to do with the historical, 3D experience of the presence of your significant other. You must go through the journey and you must get to the other side illuminated, purified. You go from the depths of darkness into the light; you ascend, for all humanity.

Do not believe that if your divine counterpart is not with you in the physical, then you are dead or insignificant or lost or doomed. You are a divine fire in a human form and there is nothing human that can stop you from reaching where you must get. Love yourself deeply. Stop the pain, stop the drama and live! I can let it go now. I can let go of my past, so that I might embrace my becoming. You have to make peace inside of yourself and you have to honour yourself. If you do not do that, nobody will do it for you!”

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Awakening to Fire

The Power of Self-Love

Culture has a great impact on our way of thinking, acting, and feeling. From a very young age, I was taught that Princesses are loved by Princes, and that you have to be a Princess, in order to be loved by a Prince-Charming. The trouble was that I never actually felt like a Princess. I did not consider myself to be too beautiful; I was not that feminine; I did not like dresses, nor makeup. I had other interests than just adorning myself, and exposing myself to the eye of the potential male-watcher. Reading, for example, was a better time-passing activity, a more meaningful one.

But, later on, I got hurt, inside, not by others, but by myself. I felt the need to be a lovely young lady, as, in my mind, that was the only way to obtain love. By comparing myself with that illusory pattern, I got to think that something is wrong with me. Why can I not be like them? Why am I so different? And I cried, inwardly, thousands of tears.

That pain produced a clarity that the superficial Princesses do not possess. I understood that the cliche is false, and, more than that, that it is dysfunctional. We are unique, and we deserve to be loved for whom we are – for nothing else. We do not become worthy of love – we are worthy, all the time. In our imperfect moments, even, we are the most cute, as we show, genuinely, whom we re, at our core. Vulnerability and honesty equate with sexiness. Intelligence is hotness. Education and common sense, compassion, dedication, loyalty – these things make you appealing for the Real Man – the one who knows what is valuable in a life full of Masks.

I no longer suffer because I am not Cinderella. I no longer identify myself with the tale. In the real story, I am the main character, and the person who must love me the most is – myself! From this point of balance, I can give love, and receive love, in a healthy way! ‘We are bringing sexy back’ – through our heart-opening, our sensitivity, our intuition, our character, and our intelligence. Dear Reader, you are beautiful, just the way you are! Do not allow people to bring you down! Create your own story! And, please, remember, we do not obtain love, we are Love!

Awakening to Fire

“Now, I feel a new flow of positive energy, of swag, and I feel an inner push that tells me: “Do not prefer comfort over growth! You have to face utter loneliness, you have to raise money to go back to him! No matter what you find on the other side, no matter what your twin might do to hurt you or to crush you, you have the power of you. Stand in your own strength! Your life still has a purpose, in the midst of it all, you must do what you feel deep down in your heart, because that was given to you and only you can accomplish it!”

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Awakening to Fire

What Is Awakening?

11:11 – again! I have been observing these repetitive number-patterns, for quite a long time, now! It all started when my spiritual awakening accelerated! People do not know much about what spiritual awakening represents. They are scared of the concept, thinking that it is a sort of New Age thing, being part of a cult’s dogma, or something similar to this! But there is nothing else more false than that perception!
Everybody goes through an awakening, at a certain point, in life. When you abandon the old you, and you either discover, or recreate a new you, then you undergo symbolical death and resurrection, namely you go through a process of awakening! Awakening constitutes the act of peeling off all the dysfunctional layers of your being, and going to the next level of consciousness. Healing your wounds and integrating the unconscious parts of yourself, becoming whole – imply an inner awakening.
But what is the vehicle of awakening? Most often, one awakens through pain, or distress, at some existential level. If you analyse all great historic personalities, you will understand that they all had to face colossal challenges. Is that aspect only a coincidence? I do not think so! The fragile seed of greatness must, first, be buried, in total darkness, in order for it to sprout, later on!
Additionally, love triggers change, also, as it activates one’s emotions, and those intense feelings influence everything, including the ability to create. The heart center is more than the area of an organ’s physical presence, in the body. It is a major creative tool – that is why so many artists, or even scientists, have greatly influenced humanity. They acted from their intuition, and they have chiseled those deeds by means of good information, and by further experimenting, testing the value of their theories.
What is the purpose of awakening, though? Having access to a higher level of consciousness, becoming the greatest version of yourself, and, of course, uplifting humanity. You do not awaken only for yourself. You awaken for the entire mankind, and you have the responsibility to help other’s ascension.
-Did you awaken, yet?
-I am just following the steps of those who walked before me, in desiring to find out my true identity, in allowing change to happen, and in letting my heart open-wide.

The River of Fluid-Gold

From the birth of this Light-Eon,

we have been bathing

in the same


Our feet were refreshed

and our souls – nurtured.

I wonder what it truly is:


But what does human love represent?

A bunch of chaotic feelings

and acute, painful cravings.

That is not our soul’s brand!

We go deeper than that!

The golden-river


our soul-looking-for-nothing.

-Nothing is needed


those clear Waters,

as we are EVERYTHING!

-We are the Fluid-Golden-River:

The point of complete silence –

perfect peace!

An elevated state of consciousness

that defeats mortality!

Awakening to Fire

“Being balanced means embracing the dark in you, the dark in other beings, the darkness in all humanity. It means not to have a separate thought process about life and happiness, it means not to be split, it means to understand that everything was not meant to destroy you, but to build you up, that you are a victor, in every second of your life, not just in the happy moments. It means to live in forgiveness and that is so difficult! It includes not pushing people away because they are not perfect, because they are not defined by a moment in time, but they are trapped in a process of becoming and you cannot judge them by a mistake they have made. No matter how big that mistake may have been, you cannot define them by that! You are void, they are nothingness and this is the supreme truth.”

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Awakening to Fire

The Boomerang of Love

Weak people – fear it.

Cowards – run away from it.

Innocents – desire it:

the Boomerang of Love,

the ultimate fidget-spinner,

mixing your Night and Day,

Yin and Yang,

helping You to focus

on what truly matters.

See, when you release it,

in the unknown,

it will produce some chaos,

wounding fragile walls,

bringing safe-Towers to the ground!

Still, in this process,

it will spin the darkness,

and transmute it

into little light-sparks.

When it will come back,

100 times more powerful,

you will feel the bruise

right in your Heart-Centre,

as nobody can escape unharmed.

But that bleeding-opening

will explode into a rainbow of renewed emotions,

flowing from every single cell

of your being.

-The Boomerang-of-Love is


‘Awakening to Fire’

“They are interested in money, in pleasure, in vice, in being mean and they forget who they were, before coming here, on this earth. Love is the death of the ego and ego is the death of love. Love is not a human, rational-based experience, love is transcendent, like a stream of electricity reflected through a bulb of glass. The bulb glass is the ego. If the glass is dirty, the perception of the light changes itself, because the bulb’s colour limits the manifestation of the light. So it is with love. The best we can do as non-human based entities, having a human experience, is to shed the bulb.”

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Awakening to Fire

‘Awakening to Fire’

“The divine purpose of the experience comes above everything else. The only being that stays with us until the very end is the Higher Spirit, or the Higher Self. Nobody else can guarantee to us that we will receive the love and support that we always need. Whatever we need is deeply rooted in us. Everything else is volatile, always transforming, and we must never put our expectations on something human, on something elusive. What we can do – is to always love, unconditionally. This is the only way to salvation.”

N.B. If you are interested in my romance novel, ‘Awakening to Fire’, you can order it by accessing the following link:

Awakening to Fire

The Son of My Sorrows

I see You,

in bad times,

and in good times.

When you are hiding,



Running away from the Truth.

And, still, my crystal-clear,

but lonely Eye

looks towards You,

with great compassion.

It still perceives You

as a demigod,



The son of my Sorrows,

I hope these burning-tears will wash you

of all sleepy-mists.

-Will, You, one day,


-One day, you will…